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Castle Donington

East Midlands Airport in Wartime (a personal account)

In memory of the late Geoff Wilkes and with the kind permission of Mrs Wilkes, the following extract is taken from the book 'East Midlands Airport in Wartime'.

See below for details on how to purchase a copy of this book.

'So this is RAF Castle Donington,', I thought as I sat in the cab of a 1920's vintage, six-wheel Crossley lorry, taking stock of my surroundings. I was parked in the yard of the MT Section (MT meaning Mechanical Transport). In front of me was a neat looking prefabricated building bearing the sign 'MT Section' over the door. In the yard stood a number of vehicles of various types usually found on an airfield. To the left of the yard were odd drums, tins, goose necked flares, and other bits and pieces. To the right in the corner of the yard was a caravan with wooden steps up to the door. A bod in greasy overalls was giving me and the lorry the once-over......

.....Although the provision for entertainment was limited, we at Castle Donington were much better off than many RAF Stations. There was a good bus service into Loughborough, making it easy for us to make use of the Services' canteens and cafes, visit the cinemas or go to dances, usually in the Town Hall. Castle Donington was within easy walking distance and was plentifully supplied with pubs: the Nag's Head, Moira Arms, Turk's Head and Lamb Inn. ......

To obtain a copy of the book 'East Midlands Airport in Wartime' by Geoff Wilkes, please contact Mrs D Wilkes, 30 Oxford St, Syston Leicestershire otherwise there is a copy for loan at Castle Donington Library castledoningtonlibrary@leics.gov.uk +44 (0)1332 810813.