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  • Allotments (MPEG Audio, 465 Kb)

    Click to hear audio clip of Mrs Alice Archer (b.1912), recorded in 1986. Ref: 933, LO/288/239

Mrs Archer: In Glenfield at that time there were five farms, today there’s only this one. But they were all milking, dairy farmers.

Interviewer: What about local people, would they have allotments and keep pigs?

Mrs Archer: Yes they did. The allotments were, at the Dominion, in front of the Manor Farm, which is now up the Dominion […] estate to the right, and they were all allotments from the gates to the top of the hill, back and front. The little stream ran in between and then, those on the farm side went up the field on their side and those others went up the Dominion Road, which wasn’t the Dominion Road, it was a field, just a footpath up to theirs. Then there were allotments over the railway line near to the brick yard, they were the brickyard allotments; the school had one of those, that’s where they used to garden, the master used to take them every Thursday to garden…

Interviewer: What, the children?

Mrs Archer: Yes, the boys had their own plot. The others were down the Station Road, just above where the doctor’s surgery is now, they’ve still got them at the back belonging to the houses more or less all around but they were allotments right to the turns. Then down around the Progress Works, allotments down there too.