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Jill and Ted Blake; frequent visitors.

I was born at Hill Farm, Goadby, in 1940; the only child of Mary and Leon Palmer, who were tenants there from 1935 to 1949 when my Dad died of pneumonia aged 48.

My Mother was the local midwife/district nurse, a life she loved, visiting her patients in their homes and riding around the villages on her "Francis Barnet" motor bike! She lodged with Mrs. Lee in Tugby and was known for her cheerful chat and common sense. But! at aged 31 she felt it was time to settle down and have a permanent home; also, she needed all her teeth out! Or so she always told me!

So, she, my Dad and his sister Dorothy, with her fiance Ben Staples from East Norton, had a double wedding in Goadby church on 20th. April 1935.

My Dad then took over Hill Farm from his Mother and Father who moved into Rose Cottage next-door, until 1948 when they went to live in the old Police house at East Norton to be near their daughter and family.

For many years, my Dad took the local children to Tugby school in his small van, reg. No. JF 5486. Funny how you can remember a car number from 50 years ago. I, too, went to that school and also Church Langton, both of which I "hated"--.My friends were the seven Barwell children living at Glebe Farm across the Lane from us.

After my Mother had had a farm implement sale in the May of 1949, she and I came up to live in Driffield where two of her five sisters lived, and she resumed her nursing career at the local hospital. All six sisters were in the same profession.

After I left school [which I now enjoyed!], I went to work on a poultry farm where I met my future husband, Ted. When we were married in 1962, Miss Lily Walker of Field Cottage gave me away, as she had worked for my Dad for many years and had been a good friend to me all my life. She was the last of a long line of Walkers in Goadby. She died in 1988 aged 88.

Ted and I visit Goadby quite a few times a year in our motor home to see all our friends there and attend the various church and village functions. Now with the retirement of Barbara and Victor Winnington, the tenants of Hill Farm since 1949, another leaf is turning in the life of this historic Farm.

People come and go, but Goadby will always mean a lot to me, a special English village.

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