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Kilby History

The History of Kilby

Kilby is a small village of some 100 households situated in a valley off the A 5119, often refereed to as The Turnpick about seven miles south of Leicester.

The Old Village as recorded in the Domesday Book, originally formed around the parish Church of St Mary Magdalene, which now stands some quarter of a mile from the main village.

In the 19th century much of the village was part of the Wistow estate although there were some private landowners.

Until the second world war Kilby was self-sufficient, having its own butchers, baker, carpenter, blacksmith, post office shop and two public houses, The Black Swan and the Dog and Gun. Many of the people worked on the land or were in domestic service, but almost as many worked in the knitting industry some on their own frames at home, but many travelling in factories in Fleckney and Wigston.

Electricity was brought to the village about 1937 and that perhaps more than anything else made life easier for the womenfolk, and a Women's Institute was formed. Earlier in 1934, the offer of a water supply was turned down because it would be too expensive and one of Kilby's oldest inhabitants said he could never remember the village pump being short. It was about ten years later after the war that the water supply finally arrived.

The Post Office and shop are gone but the Arriva Bus Company runs an hourly service through the day, which is a lifeline for those without cars.

Kilby, once so humble, is now a "Sought After Village".

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    This page provides resources for people researching their family tree in the village and includes a useful guide specially created by the Record Office.

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    This page provides resources for discovering more about the history of your village. It is available for people in the community to add historical photos and information about the village.

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