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Minorca Protest

  • MOPG's Response to the Recommendation to Approve the Minorca Surface Mine Application

    Despite the recommendation made to LCC that approval be given the to Minorca Surface Mine application. MOPG is still vigorously contesting the issue. We have now submitted 4 documents critical of the analysis leading to the recommendation to approve. You can down load these and the accompanying press release from this page.

  • A guide to where to find the latest information about campaign issues of concern to the Minorca Opencast Protest Group

    The Minorca Opencast Protest Group's campaign to prevent the Application for an Opencast Mine on the Minorca Site between Measham and Swepstone has taken many twists and turns since it started in September 2008.

    As well as trying to prevent this Application from succeeding, the Campaign has embraced the attempt to introduce a 500m Buffer Zone into English Planning Policy.

    In addition, a new twist is to prevent the attempt to possibly relax planning conditions for future opencast mine applications in England through the new Coalition Government's proposal for a National Planning Policy Framework.

    This page will eventually keep information about the latest additions made to the site on each of these issues up to date and provide links to where you can find the latest information on each particular topic.

    Latest news about the Minorca Opencast Mining Application. (Updated 8/5/11)

    Our latest Press Release directly about the Application.

    Latest news about media coverage of our Campaign. (updated 11/5/11)

    Latest news about media coverage of the 500m Buffer Zone Bill.

    Latest news about English and Northern Irish current and potential Opencast Sites. (Updated 7/6/11)

    The rest is still under development.

Objecting to this Application

Any person can object to the Minorca Planning Application very easily. At the bottom of the Leicestershire County Council page containing the information about when this application is to be decided on (determined) and all UK Coal's Submission Documents is a form you can fill in and make your comments on.

Click on the 'Planning Application Public Comments Form' and state your objections to this opencast mine proposal.

A draft letter you might consider copying and sending is below:

To Peter Bond
Principal Planning Officer
Leicestershire County Council
County Hall

Dear Sir,

Application 2009/C088/07- UK Coal’s Proposed “Minorca” Opencast Site

Following the July 2010 submission by UK Coal, I wish reinforce my original objections / indicate my objections for the first time (delete which ever does not apply) to the above proposed opencast mining application and its subsequent amendments primarily for the following reasons:

(Please tick any item you agree with)

the environmental and ecological damage which would be caused by the proposal

the enormous visual impact the development would have on the locality

the lack of a 500m buffer/protection zone as afforded to sites in Wales and Scotland

the lack of a professional Health Impact Assessment

the extra noise and pollution which would be generated

the extra traffic levels on local roads

the damage caused by the increased carbon footprint

the blight to and the detrimental financial impact on my property

the negative socio-economic impact on the local community

the doubts raised by the claim that Minorca’s coal can guarantee a degree of security of energy supplies

the doubts raised by the claim that it is economic to work this coal

Further comments:

Yours faithfully,

Signature: Name:

Date: Address:

Please let MOPG know that you have written to Leicestershire County council by leaving a comment on MOPG's Guest Book Page @ http://mopg.co.uk/Guestbook.php

  • Coal Firms like to move the goalposts (MS Word, 28 Kb)

    In addition to not wanting an opencast mine near where you live because of the noise and dust ect. this letter, written in answer to UK Coal's claims that MOPG are 'scaremongering' explains other reasons why we are opposing this planning application. Letter published in The Burton Mail on 17/8/10

  • Private Eye Article "Restoration Comedy" (MS Word, 28 Kb)

    Private Eye investigates the activities of UK Coal at Lounge, Minorca and Cutacre.

  • Information about the Minorca Opencast Protest Group (MOPG)

    On this page is information about:

    The most recent Press Releases

    The most recent issues of The Minorca Protest News (now replaced by Briefing Notes)

    What is the Minorca Opencast Protest Group?

    How you can join MOPG

    Contacting members of the Coordinating Committee

    Roles of the Officers of the Coordinating Committee.

    Newsletters 1-10

    Newsletters 11-20

    Press Releases no 1-10 (from October O8 to May 09)

    Press Releases no 11-20 (from May 09 to July 09)

    Press Releases no 21-30 (from July 09 to Oct 09)

    Press Releases no 31-40 (from Oct 09 to Nov 09)

    Press Releases no 41-50 (from Nov 09- March 10)

    Press Releases no 51-60 (from March 10 to June 10)

    Press Releases no 61-70 (from June 10 to Aug 10)

    Press Releases no 71-80 (from July 10 to Sept 10)

    You can see what effect our media campaign has had by checking the 'Minorca in the News' page

    A link to our own MOPG Web Site.

    A link to the Minorca Forum web pages on the Coal in the UK web site

  • MOPG:Outcome of Consultation Meetings with Statutory Bodies on the Minorca Application

    This set of documents will eventually contain information on the result of consultation meetings over the Minorca Application with the following statutory bodies(i.e.those that are elected):

    Measham Parish Council

    North West Leicestershire District Council (twice)

    Leicestershire County Council


    MOPG is in the process of preparing reports on how to better understand the current planning situation and produce new planning arguments to counter those utilised by proposers of opencast mines. Our first report is now published here.




  • MOPG: Briefing Notes Series

    In order to enable people to be kept up to date with developments affecting the Minorca Application, a series of Briefing Notes are under development. Check here to see if any new Briefing Notes have been issued or if any existing Briefing Notes have been updated:

    Briefing Notes Series A: Notes on the Minorca Application Process.

    A1) New Developments in the Application (25/7/10)

    A2 was distributed members and supporters only

    A3) The Minorca Application and the River Mease SAC (4/8/10)

    Briefing Note Series B: The 500 Metre Buffer Zone Bill

    Briefing Note B1: Origin of 500 Metre Buffer Zones. (29/6/10)

    Briefing Note B2: Arguments in Favour of a 500 Metre Buffer Zone (Outlines 7 arguments why 500 Metre Buffer Zones are needed in England). (30/6/10)

    B3) English Opencast Coal Sites 2009-2010: Part One Current Sites. (Jan 2011)

    B4) English Opencast Coal Sites 2009-10: Part Two Potential Sites (Jan 2011)

    B5) Climate Change and the 500m Buffer Zone Bill (Jan 2011)

    B6) The 500m Buffer Zone Bill Explained.

    Briefing Note Series C: Aspects of the British Coal Industry

    C1) UK Coal plc's Financial Situation and the Minorca Application 2nd edition (26/8/10)

    C2) The Declining Need for UK Produced Coal, (20/7/10)

    Briefing Note Series D Planning Issues

    D1) The 'Lounge Issue' and the Minorca Application.

    D2) UK Coal plc and the Financial Risks Associated with the Minorca Application

    Briefing Note Series E: Energy Policy

    E1) The Coalition Government's Energy policy and the Minorca Application (Sept 2010)

    E2) Energy Policy and the proposed National Planning Policy Framework, March 2011

  • MOPG's Response and Objections to UK Coal's Minorca Application

    This now contains our two 2009 set of objections with the accompanying press releases.

  • MOPG's 2010 set of Objections to the Minorca Surface Mine Application

    This page will eventually contain:

    i) Minorca Opencast Protest Groups Response to Supplementary Report by UK Coal Mining Ltd. (September 2010)

    ii) Appendix 1 'Noise Pollution' (September 2010)

    iii) Appendix 2 'Additional Photviews' (September 2010)

    iv) Appendix 3 'Need for Coal' (September 2010)

    v) Covering Letter to Peter Bond and Members of the Development Control and Regulatory Board of Leicestershire County Council (September 2010)

    vi) Speech by MOPG Representative to the Development Control and Regulartory Board.

    For cross referencing purposes

    vii) MOPG's Response Document 'Minorca Opencast Protest Group Response to application by UK Coal Mining Limited (Oct 2009)

    viii) MOPG's 2nd set of Objections to UK Coal's Minorca Application (December 2009)

    ix) Proposed Conditions

    x) Accompanying Press Releases:

  • Local County Council Candidates (PDF, 64 Kb)

A Guide to Why and How to Stop the Minorca Application

Our new Guide to the Implications of the Application and How to Stop It has just been published. To view it click on the image below. If you can't see the image, you should either consider upgrading your browser or click on the link below to download the document.

  • MOPG's Letter Writing Campaign

    If you want to write letters to either parish, district or preferably your County Councillor about this planning proposal this page contains some ideas about what to put in your letter. It also contains a list of persons to whom such letters should be addressed in addition to your Councillors.If you do write a letter can you please email a copy to our Secretary Lena Guyan at swedishlena@yahoo.co.uk.

  • Contacting Members of the Co ordinating Committee (MS Word, 31 Kb)

    The current membership of MOPG's Co-ordinating Committee

  • Minorca in the News

    A list of news stories that have appeared in newspapers and local newsletters to do with the campaign. You can link directly to some of the news stories that are still on line. Here you can check to see how successful our Press Releases have been at publicising the Campaign.

    Minorca in the News, Part 1 - August 2008 - June 2009.

    Minorca in the News, Part 2 - July 2009 - September 2009.

    Minorca in the News, Part 3 - October 2009 - January 2010.

    Minorca in the News, Part 4 - February 2010 - May 2010

    Minorca in the News, Part 5 - May 2010 - August 2010.

    Minorca in the News Part 6 - September -December 2010.


    A proposal such as this generates a lot of controversy. This page answers, from MOPG's point of view, many of the questions that have been asked about this proposal.

    If after reading through these questions and answers and you find yourself in agreement with many of MOPG's points then please consider either contributing your views to the discussion page on the Minorca Protest on this village web site and or joining MOPG

    Steve Leary,MOPG

  • Meetings Organised by the Minorca Opencast Protest Group

    This page contains information about the following meetings organised by the Minorca Opencast Protest Group:

    1st. Inaugural Meeting 23/10/08

    2nd. Meeting with the Mineral Planning Officers of Leicestershire County Council 24/3/09.

    3rd Campaign Meeting after the Planning Application had been submitted. 5/8/09

    4th. MOPG AGM 2009 7/12/09

  • UK Coal's Initial Plans for Minorca Opencast Mine (PDF, 2.8 Mb)

    As the date approaches for UK Coal's Planning submission (now expected by 14th March) here is a reminder of what they were originally planning in October 2008


    A list of documents being held in the reference section of Measham Library relevant to UK Coal's proposal to apply for planning permission to have an opencast mine at Minorca. 28/10/10

  • Open Letter to UK Coal on the delay in submitting their planning application (MS Word, 34 Kb)

    MOPG's letter to the Chairman of UK Coal challenging UK Coal on the reasons it is giving for the delay in submitting their planning application

  • UK Coal's reply to our Open Letter (MS Word, 27 Kb)

    UK Coal has now given us this reply to our Open Letter. MOPG will be commenting on this later this week

  • Draft letter to County Council Candidates (MS Word, 30 Kb)
  • Contents List for the On Line Minorca Application (MS Word, 139 Kb)

    This page contains a new ordering of the files in the On Line Minorca application so that they correspond to the sequence of pages in the actual planning application.

  • MOPG:Very Impotant: Details of the Online Copy of the Minorca Application TO WRITE TO BY WHEN. (MS Word, 29 Kb)

    This gives you access to the web address for the full on line version of UK Coal's application to mine at Minorca.

  • Ashby Canal Trust and UK Coal's Application for an Opencast Mine at Minorca + PR 36 (MS Word, 35 Kb)

On Wednesday 28th October the Ashby Canal Trust issued a press release stating that they were in favour of UK Coal's proposal for an opencast mine at the Minorca site. Two news stories were subsequently published the next day, one in The Leicester Mercury (Ashby/Coalville edition which is not on the web) and another in The Burton Mail which you can read here.

MOPG'S 36TH Press Release published today calls on the ACT to publish the results of all contacts, correspondence meetings and decisions relating to restoring the Ashby Canal in relation to UK Coal's Minorca Application.

  • D Taylor Ed Milliband (MS Word, 32 Kb)

    The letter David Taylor wrote to Ed Milliband on the 20m tonne coal target issue

  • Outline of MOPG's 3rd Research Report "UK Coal : An Alternative Report (MS Word, 45 Kb)

    A short summary of our UK Coal: An Alternative Report document is attached

  • Andrew Bridgen's 500m Buffer Zone Private Member's Bills

    This page is to keep you informed of developments in the campaign launched by our local MP Andrew Bridgen to make legal the requirement to have a 500 Metre Buffer Zone between where people live and an Opencast Mine. This is a campaign which MOPG fully supports. It contains information about Andrew's campaign and will be added to when more information becomes available.
    Information so far:

    1) Andrew Bridgen's Introductory Statement on why he introduced the 500 Metre Zone Private Member's Bill.

    2) MOPG Briefing Note B1) Origin of 500m Buffer Zones.

    3) MOPG Briefing Note B2) Arguments in Favour of a 500m Buffer Zone.

    3) MOPG Briefing Note B3 English Opencast Coal Sites 2009 - 2010: Current sites.

    4) MOPG Briefing Note B4 English Opencast Sites 2009 - 2010: Potential Sites.

    5) MOPG Briefing Mote B5) 'Climate Change and the 500m Buffer Zone Bill

    List of associated MOPG Press Releases.

    List of newspaper items on the 500m Buffer Zone (updated 13/3/11).

    Can you help start a wider Campaign for a 500m Buffer Zone - The 38 Degrees Initiative.

    News stories on other current and potential opencast sites in England and Northern Ireland (updated 7/6/11.

  • MOPG Letters in the Ashby Times

    The Ashby Times is the local weekly paper that serves the local area which surrounds the proposed Minorca Site. Unfortunately it does not have a web address, so any letters published on behalf of MOPG do not get onto the Web. So on this page you will find copies of the letters you may not other wise be able to read.

  • Seftonchase's Blogs on a UK Coal Shareholder's Discussion Page

    Steve Leary as 'Seftonchase' has been occasionally blogging on a Discussion Board that discusses the fortunes and misfortunes of UK Coal plc. This gives access to this page as well as details about the Blog Comments for the time periods specified

    March - October 2010.

    October 2010 - March 2011

    From April 2011

    (Updated on 21/4/11)

  • Minorca site - what is happening now?

To take a look at UK Coals website to see what is happening now, click here.