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Welcome to Medbourne

See also the Medbourne Village Hall web site at www.medbournevillagehall.co.uk.

Local Consultations.

Below you will find important information on two local consultations:

  • Harborough District Council have invited consultations on the Local Plan. This interacts with the Neighbourhood Plan being prepared by the village. See below for an explanation and how to get involved.
  • Leicestershire Fire Service has published plans for re-organising the service. This affects the local services in Market Harborough and Kibworth. See below for your chance to comment.

Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan

An email has been sent to the Village list concerning the Local Plan consultation, please find below information on how your response to the Local Plan consultation will determine what we will need to consider in the Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan.

The Local Plan is a plan currently being written by Harborough District Council (HDC). This is a plan for the whole district including Medbourne. It will set out, in broad terms, how much and what sort of development should happen across the district. There are different development options being considered and these are currently out for public consultation, so this is your opportunity to have your say in the district-wide plans. The closing date for your comments is 30th October 2015. You can make comments via the council's website : www.harborough.gov.uk/consultation.

The Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan will need to reflect the development proposals outlined in the HDC Local Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan will enable the community to have their say in where and what the type of developments there will be in Medbourne. In developing the Neighbourhood Plan, consideration will be given to issues that affect how we live and work in Medbourne, including village facilities, transport, employment, heritage and green spaces.

The Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee (MNPAC) has been set up by the Parish Council to work with residents and businesses in Medbourne to develop the Neighbourhood Plan. You are invited to attend the monthly MNPAC meetings (see the Local Events page for details).

Information on how to get involved with the Neighbourhood Plan will be circulated to households in the next few months. Meeting minutes will be posted on the Parish Council web site.

In the meantime if you have any queries the MNPAC can be contacted on 01858 565648 / 38 Manor Road, Medbourne.

Bernadette Lee (Chair - Medbourne Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee)

Fire Service Consultation

Please click on the link below to find out information regarding the Fire Service Consultation.


The consultation asks you to click on and read the 'Proposals for Consultation Document' and then complete the questionnaire. The Document is 18 pages long, but is written in an easy to read format. Key pages for Harborough District are:

  • Page 7: Wigston Fire Station – serves north east of the Harborough District. Proposing a whole-time-crewed two fire engine fire station
  • Page 8: Market Harborough Fire Station – proposing a whole-time-crewed single fire engine fire station
  • Page 9: Kibworth Fire Station – propose to close station and sell the building
  • Page 10: Lutterworth Fire Station – propose a whole-time day-crewed single fire engine fire station. On call provision out of hours
  • Page 13: Billesdon Fire Station – replace on-Call fire engine at Billesdon Fire Station with a tactical response vehicle.

There are a number of Public Engagement events across the County; the ones happening in the Harborough District are: October 6th Billesdon, 8th Hinckley, 9th Market Harborough, 13th Lutterworth, 15th Kibworth - all at 7:45pm in the relevant Fire Station.

For more details about the consultation or events, please visit the web link above.

New Village Web Site

The Parish Council Web Site and this site both run on infrastructure provided by Leicestershire County Council. LCC have informed us that they will no longer support the infrastructure from April 2015; the infrastructure remains available to use but will eventually be switched off in August 2016. As a result work has started to re-host all our content onto a new platform.

If you would like to get involved please email the site administrator David Tuffs.

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It's now much easier to keep up-to-date with what's going on in Medbourne - you can subscribe to the Medbourne Village email list or follow us on Twitter. Go to the Email and Twitter page to find out how to subscribe.

Event organisers please note – you should post your event online so it will automatically be emailed and tweeted to all the subscribers. This is going to be one of the most important publicity mechanisms in the village. Click here.

Medbourne's Communal Site

This website is for you, the people of Medbourne. It is a shared community resource and, as such, it is promoted by Medbourne Parish Council. Please register to the site to gain full access to all the facilities it can provide. Once you are registered you can post items in to the local postings section such as news, events and photographs.

The volunteer site adminstrator for Medbourne is David Tuffs, please contact him if you want to make a contribution or if you have any queries about the site. You can call David on 01858 565911.

The Village

Medbourne is an ancient village with a medieval stone bridge over a brook, a beautiful church and a traditional pub. Medbourne was originally a Roman settlement, on the route from Leicester to Colchester. The village lies in a valley carved out by the Medbourne Brook, which is a tributary of the river Welland.

Nowadays, Medbourne is a conservation area whose historic stone cottages, large elegant houses and leafy walks combine to make the village one of the most picturesque in the Welland Valley.