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Welcome to Medbourne

See also the Medbourne Village Hall web site at www.medbournevillagehall.co.uk.

Broadband - action required

Medbourne is fortunate that there will be two superfast broadband suppliers installing in the village: BT and Gigaclear. Whilst the BT installation is assured through public funding, the Gigaclear network is privately funded so it is dependent upon sufficient take-up within the village.

This is an important issue for the village because the Gigaclear fibre-to-the-property solution will future-proof the village as demands increase for broadband capacity. Please consult the latest Broadband Newsletter to fully understand the situation. Please do not delay in making a decision about the best solution for your property and for the village as a whole.

See also the Broadband page for more general information concerning broadband in Medbourne including all the newsletters on the subject.

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Medbourne's Communal Site

This website is for you, the people of Medbourne. It is a shared community resource and, as such, it is promoted by Medbourne Parish Council. Please register to the site to gain full access to all the facilities it can provide. Once you are registered you can post items in to the local postings section such as news, events and photographs.

The volunteer site adminstrator for Medbourne is David Tuffs, please contact him if you want to make a contribution or if you have any queries about the site. You can call David on 01858 565911.

The Village

Medbourne is an ancient village with a medieval stone bridge over a brook, a beautiful church and a traditional pub. Medbourne was originally a Roman settlement, on the route from Leicester to Colchester. The village lies in a valley carved out by the Medbourne Brook, which is a tributary of the river Welland.

Nowadays, Medbourne is a conservation area whose historic stone cottages, large elegant houses and leafy walks combine to make the village one of the most picturesque in the Welland Valley.