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Oakthorpe Methodist Church

As part of Heritage Weekend, Oakthorpe Methodist Church invites you to celebrate and remember the events of 2012.
Saturday 8th Sept 11am-3pm, displays, stalls, refreshment and lunches. Sunday 9th Sept 10am Harvest Festival Celebration led by Rev.Alan Dawson


The present building dates from 1869 - the chapel and large rear school room. This was the site of the village school as the Methodists provided education for the village until Leicestershire County Council leased the school rooms as a 'public elementary school' from 1907. In all 140 children were catered for, the infants having another school room added on the existing 'big room' (as it is still known) at the turn of the century. This is the room facing Chapel Street, skirted by the bricked area once the girls playground. The boys used the area at the rear of the premises. The present day Primary School still use the building for whole school assemblies usually at Harvest and Christmas.

Present Day Use: Oakthorpe Chapel Welcomes all -

  • regularly for Sunday worship at 10am, enthusiastic singing, good organist (outside notice board has all the details)
  • for baptisms, weddings, funerals
  • to leave tributes for special remembrances we have a village memorial garden to the side of the drive - free of charge
  • special requests for prayers appear on the Church's Prayer Tree located in the side porch
  • special events coincide with Easter (Daffodil Festival), Heritage weekend (September 'Snapshots' is 2010's event featuring Oakthorpe's past, present and future in photographs), Harvest -Sept 19th and Christmas Tree Festival runs throughout December with the Village Carol Service the Sunday before Christmas and a Christmas Day celebration.
  • the school rooms are available for hire for group meetings, parties, clubs etc. There is a small off road car park.

Enquires: 01530272425



    Our Proposal for Phase 1:
    (unamimously accepted by the Church Council, 27th May 2010)

    To create an accessible entrance, foyer, kitchen with lounge and to restreucture the toilet facilites within the existing 'Schoolroom' area. The whole area is to be independently heated rather than use the oil fired cental heating system, improving our energy efficiency.

    By resourcing the skill of local craftsmen, we are confident the the present passageway, entered by the single door, and the smaller schoolroom (see photograph above) can be converted inot a modern, welcoming facility, perfect for community use.

    "OUTSIDE IN" Once well advertised we hope to provide the Facilities to improve the weakened community sense, further damaged last September by the loss of our Post Office and Shop. This part of the village has nowhere but the pub to meet - for young or old. We hope then to facilitate:

  • a weekly coffee and chat group
  • ideally a meeting for the young people in some form
  • our own Church led events, now well established throughout the year (Christmas Tree Festival, Heritage Weekend etc)
  • hire for interested clubs, meetings, groups throughout the year
  • legally meet our responsibilities, access for all.

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Easter at Oakthorpe Church

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Celebrating Oakthorpe

Celebrating Oakthorpe

Celebrating Oakthorpe

Celebrating Oakthorpe

Celebrating Oakthorpe

Celebrating Oakthorpe

Celebrating Oakthorpe Event

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