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Welcome to the Sharnford Environment Group Page

Latest Group News

Hear is the latest news from the Environment Group.
Remember everyone in Sharnford is welcome to any of our monthly meetings (see dates below), so why not come along, see and hear what we do and who knows you may like what we do so much - you would like to join us!
If anyone has any questions or suggestions about this Webpage, or matters concerning the Environment Group itself, please contact me by EMail at desewell@hotmail.com or by phone on 01455 272901 - Thanks.

Future Meetings

Where: Evergreen Hall Sharnford, Leicester Road.

Dates: Second Thursday each month 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome.

History of Sharnford Environment Group

In 2002, aided by the Rural Community Council, a group of villagers carried out an Appraisal of the needs, views and aspirations of the community. The Appraisal Report, based on a response from more than two thirds of the village, identified a number of important issues, not the least of which was a strong feeling of concern about the local environment. The Appraisal process enabled people to identify themselves as volunteers in support of various village issues, and working to improve the environment was particularly well supported.

In November 2002 the Sharnford Environment Group was formed from the Appraisal volunteers. It now has 14 or so members, assisted by a number of on-call volunteers. The Group operates under its own constitution and has formed close associations with Sharnford Parish Council and the parent Blaby District and Leicestershire County Councils. The Environmental Officer of Blaby DC is available to provide professional guidance.

The Group has now completed over 8 years of work across a variety of areas, which has resulted in an encouraging response from the village.

Projects completed include:-
Planters at 6 locations. 46 Hanging Baskets on 23 Lighting Columns along the main roads. Complete redevelopment of an open space - now called Bluebell Green. Installation of new 'Green' footpath and benches on Poors Meadow. Installation of Bird and Insect Boxes in many private gardens - as well as on Bluebell Green. Construction and installation of 5 large Window Boxes (complete with automatic watering system) for the Evergreen Hall. Various work on the new Burial Ground. Installation of new village Notice Boards and planting of Trees in various locations in the village.