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Sileby Faces - pre 1960

This project is for the people of Sileby to search for, view and name their friends, relatives and ancestors in photos from before 1960. Please show this site to people that do not have access to the internet.

Thank you to all those that have provided names for the photos.

*** Updated March 2015 *** (click for details)

The photos are stored in the picture gallery on this website and can be searched using one of the following four methods:

1) By Surname:


2) By photo group:

Photo GroupIndexGallery
Uniforms (cubs, bands, military etc)UU
Sports (not at school)GG
Kids (not at school)KK
Small Groups (not covered by above)LL
Large Groups 1 (not covered by above)MM
Large Groups 2 (not covered by above)PP
Family PicturesB & DB & D

(The gallery links take you to somewhere in that group from where you can go backwards and forwards by clicking the page numbers at the bottom)

3) Full list of photos in Year order - click HERE.

4) Browse all photos in Group code order – click HERE.

The photos can be made larger by clicking on them and resizing your window. Click on them again to make them even bigger.

For more details on the conventions used - click HERE.

Please contact geoffreymrose@yahoo.co.uk if you:

  • have other similar photos or better quality ones.
  • have any wedding photos pre-1970 that you are willing to share.
  • can fill in any of the missing details or can confirm those with question marks.
  • spot any mistakes or broken links.
  • would like your name removed.
  • have any suggestions.

For further information and background click the link below: