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The Church of St Mary and All Saints, Stoughton

The Church

The church now stands proudly on the corner surrounded by the graveyard

The church in the late 1700s

An old drawing of the church published in the late 1700s

The (almost) 700-year-old church, dedicated to The Virgin Mary, consisted of an embattled tower, (in which were four bells), a handsome rocketed spire, nave, modern chancel, a north aisle separated from the nave by two round and two pointed arches, the greater part of which was railed off with wood painted blue, as a burying chapel for owners of the Grange; a south aisle separated from the nave by four pointed arches; a south porch, a north door and a church-clock.

The church has many other memorials. There is a fine tomb of Thomas Farnham, (referenced as J8 in the memorial inscriptions), Teller of the exchequer under Mary Tudor, showing him as a solemn bearded man with a chain over his armour, his wife by his side in embroidered gown, ruff and cap, and their two sons and three daughters below. One of these daughters appears again on a wall monument, kneeling with her husband Sir Thomas Richardson, Speaker of the Commons in a Parliament of Charles the First, and set up this monument.

Others of the famous Leicestershire Beaumonts who have marble memorials here are Admiral Basil Beaumont, who was drowned with all the sailors of his flagship when it floundered on the Goodwin Sands in the Great Storm of 1703, and Sir George Beaumont, friend of Dean Swift and MP for Leicester in nine Parliaments. Swift came to see him at his manor house and may have preached there.

Shipwreck on the Goodwin Sands

Drawing of the shipwreck on the Goodwin Sands

Latest Pictures

Bella's Cottage  Oil Painting


The location of Bella Wright's memorial

The little memorial of Bella Wright

St. Deny's church

Bella Wright

Bella Wright's funeral at Stoughton Church

Bella Wright of 1919

field name survey, Stoughton

Description of St Mary's church

Entrance to Stoughton village

memorial at Stoughton Church

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