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Welcome to Swithland

Swithland is a quiet but beautiful village in the Charnwood borough of Leicestershire. It is located in the ancient Charnwood Forest between Cropston and the parish of Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves. Although small, it has a village hall, a church, and a pub. The village is known for the slate that was once quarried in the area which is reflected in many of the lovely houses in the village.

This website is for you, the people of Swithland. Please register to the site to gain full access to all the facilities it can provide. Once you are registered you can post items in to the local postings section such as news and events.

Latest Pictures

Lych Gate, St. Leonard's Church

St. Leonard's Church, Swithland

Swithland Reservoir

Swithland Reservoir

St Leonard's Church, Swithland

Swithland - trees beside the road to Newton Linford

Swithland - road to Newton Linford

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Swith Am

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