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CHURCH MEMBERS 1806 - 2010

Details are taken from the Church Book.


Rev. Thomas Grundy, Mary Grundy,William Elson, Elizabeth Elson,
Joseph Wormleighton, Mary Wormleighton, William Wormleighton, Thomas Knight,
Samuel Bartlett, Thomas Croft, Ann Frone, Dorcas Granger, Mary Coltman,
John Robinson, Mary Lucas, William Fawkner, James Simon, John Scotton,
Charles Simms


The date is the day that they were received into membership.

29-03-1807. John Simms.
31-07-1807. Thomas Wells. Ann Hurst.
02-10-1807. John Simons. Ann Simons.
07-02 1808. John Scotton. Ann Scotton. Sarah Smith.
14-01-1810. Mary Wright.
02-06-1810. John Wilson.
02-02-1815. William Nickels.
26-03-1815. William Gimson. Mary Gimson. Mary Reynolds.
30-04-1815. Mrs.Charltan (an occasional member)
07-12-1817. Thomas Sawbridge. Jane Sawbridge.
04-09-1819. Mrs Foxon. Mrs Mary Foxon. Mrs Chattius.
07-10-1821. William Coltman. Mary Coltman.



The date of reception is not always recorded.

1826 Rev. William Ayre.

1834 Rev. T Morell. Mrs Hazelwood, Sarah Scotton, Mary Nickels, Sarah Hill, Mary Leigh, Elizabeth Coltman, Henry Reynolds,

1834 Mary Ann Reynolds, Mrs Lord, Ann Pinchback, William Knight,

John Grant, Charlotte Varnam, Joseph Coltman, Samuel Cooke,

Daniel Mayne, Elizabeth Mayne, Hanna Hazelwood, John Brown,

Thomas Grant, Thomas West, Betsy Coltman, William Jayes,

Mary Ann Jayes, Mrs House, Elizabeth Cooke, Mary Mason,

John Frone Mason.

1835 Elizabeth Nickles, Emma Nickels.

!837 Rev. G R Miale.

1838 John Wells, Dorcas Wells, William Coltman Jnr,

Miss Mary Ann Nickels.

!839 Thomas Coltman, Mrs G Miale, Miss Mary Brown,

Miss Martha Wells, Mr Benjamin Hill, Miss Ann Wakefeild,

1840 Miss Elizabeth Reynolds, Mr Middleton, Mrs Barnet.

1841 William March.

1842 Mrs Sarah Coltman.

1843 Samuel Foxton, Mr ? Shipman, Mr Thomas Munday.

1845 Ann Bishop, Mrs Jane Neale.

1846 Frederick Neale.

1847 John Wilson, Mary Munday, Thomas Grant,

Mary Scotton, Martha Wells, Ann Barnett,

1850 Miss Elizabeth Wakefield, William Jaques, Mrs ? Bray,

Mr ? Ingram, Mr ? Rayner.

!856 Henry Southern, Sarah Southern, William Harding,

Mary Ann Harding, Thomas Welton, Samuel Ellis, John Bray.

1858 Mr ? Perkins.

1859 Mr Joshuah Garnett.

!861 John Bassett ,

1862 Emma Wells, William March, Mary Jane Harbutt,

Margaret Annie Harbutt, John Arnold.

!863 Mary Wakefield, Fannie Wakefield, Betsy Blincow,

Mr & Mrs Dunn

!864 William Wakefield, Maria Wakefield, Mrs ? Adams .

1867 Mr & Mrs Jennings, Miss Elizabeth Jaques.

1869 John & Mary Liggins.

1872 John & Mrs Hall, Mrs Newport.

1873 Miss Aspinall.

1874 John Mason, Ann Southam.

1877 Mrs Stephenson, Thomas Giddens.

1878 Mrs Maddock, Mrs J Mason, Mrs Tonkin , Mr W Moore.

1879 Mrs Ball, Clara Hill, Mrs Armson, Arthur Crisp,

Mrs Jemmy Moore.

1880 John Boyes, William Armson. 1881 Mr Younger, Mrs Younger Mary Younger. Mr Stephen Lovell.

1882 Emma Jellie.

1884 Winifred Adams. Mrs Winifred Oliver.

1888 Benjamin Wright.

1890 Gertrude Moore, William George Bridge.

1900 Mr ? Burley.

1901 Mr ? Locton, Mrs Eleanor Adams, Miss Kate Barnett,

Miss Alice Dorothy Wakefield. Mrs Elizabeth Wakefield,

Elizabeth Stanhope, Katherine Stanhope, Elizabeth Locton,

Arthur Wright, Annie Eliza Boyce, Daniel Boyce,

Edith Annie Bridge, Sophia Whiting. Alice Dorothy Wakefield.

Lettie Liggins, Frederick Bridge, Elanor Adams,

Henry Rooms, Mary Ann Rooms, Edith Pratt, Alice Wright,

Emily Wright.

1902 Mrs Elizabeth Lee.

1903 Jane Wright.

!904 Miss Elizabeth Pearce Eady, Miss Annie Wakefield,

1905 Mrs Nellie Mason. Mary M Huges

1908 Miss Nellie Burley, Mr Joseph Lee, Mr John Mason,

Mr Thomas Lewis, Mrs Mary A Lewis, Miss Laura Lewis,

Mr Harry Lewis, Mr Arthur Hall, Arthur Bridge

1910 Mr James Palmer, Mrs Sarah Palmer, Miss Ethel Palmer,

Mr Samuel Austin, Clara Burley, Edith Burley, Harriet Lee,

Katie Boyce, Edith Fallowell,Ethel Hornbuckle, Gladys Boyce.

1911 Lilly Church, Mr ? Stannage, Mrs ? Stannage.

1915 Mrs Harry? Lewis, Mr Bertram Adams, Miss Harriet Lee.

1927 Mr William Sale, Mrs Audrey Sale.

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