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Colliery Wheel, Whitwick

This winding wheel, from Whitwick Colliery, is positioned where the City of Dan meets the Leicester Road, with the Three Horseshoes, or Polly's, in the background, 2007.

  • School (MPEG Audio, 688K)

    Click to hear Mr Eric Jarvis b.1914 recorded in 1989. EMOHA ref: 52, MA200/053/053

Mr Jarvis: I went to the Whitwick National School, and I should only be four because the first thing I can ever remember was coming out of school, and a crowd of lads, the Whitwick post office was in Whitwick market place then, and looking at a notice on Whitwick post office window saying that peace had been declared, November 1918. That’s the first thing I can remember. There were the infants’ school then as is now in the market place, and the bigger school. And the headmistresses then were Miss Harding and Miss Hunt, and they lived at a house up Leicester Road. Very good. The teachers in those days in the infants was Miss West - can’t remember her name, she only passed away, she was 94, passed away a couple of year ago – Miriam Belcher, she married a West, she married Fred West in actual fact – Miriam Belcher taught me in the infants. Then you progressed from the infants to the schools. The headmaster at the top school was Mr Bastard, a very severe gentleman. If you were a good lad you used to go out and do, run the errands for his wife and get sixpence a week (2p), I used to, I did that for quite a bit for Mr Bastard, fetched the papers and all that kind of thing.

Interviewer: Were they strict at school?

Mr Jarvis: Very strict, very strict indeed, but it was good teaching. There were Miss Carr who passed away only last week, I went to her funeral last Friday, she were 97. Marvellous teacher, a wonderful teacher on history, wonderful teacher on history. Mr Wright was very good. The teacher who taught the scholarship class was a Mrs Smith from Pegg’s Green and she was a walker. Her husband used to bring her in the pony and trap and when she didn’t come in the pony and trap she used to come on the old sit and beg bike, you know, a lady’s bike. But she were very good indeed. I got on pretty well with her but she said, you’ll make [?] she always used to say I talked too much. I was always the bottom of the class in writing and spelling, or dictation. I never did very well and I can tell you I’ve not improved since.


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