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Wigston Parva

Welcome to Wigston Parva

Hello, I am Tony Curtis the Site Administrator for Sharnford, you can contact me on 01455 272532 or email me using the contact details on the right

I am looking after Wigston Parva till such time as someone in the hamlet volunteers to take over.

This website is for you, the people of Wigston Parva. Please register to the site to gain full access to all the facilities it can provide. Once you are registered you can post items in to the local postings section such as news and events.


From 1694 - 1708 a Curate preached on alternate Sunday Afternoons at Wibtoft and Wigston Parva for £20 per annum and his Sunday Dinner.

In 1595 a legal injustice by one Henry Turville the lessee of the Manorial rights infuriated the villagers. They set upon him "all armed and arrayed in warlike manner, that is to say with long-picked staves, swords, daggers and other unlawful weapons, and beat him thoroughly". (H .J. Francis - History of Hinckley).

THE VILLAGE is now a copyhold of the Manor of Rowlington in Warwickshire, which formerly belonged to the ABBEY OF READING.


This has fluctuated in the course of history. In 1831 there were 17 houses and 79 inhabitants. In 1982 there are only 10 houses and a total population of only 28.


This is an ancient farm house to which the service on 2nd November 1954 (All Souls' Day) was relayed. The Service was for the Dedication of the New Electric Lighting System in the Church, replacing the two old oil lamps. The Bishop of Leicester - The Right Rev. R.R. Williams performed the Ceremony and preached the Sermon. Originally Hall Farm was known as WIGSTON HALL and was the seat of Joshua Grundy Esq. Mr. W.S. Page, one of the two churchwarden, who now lives there is required to obtain sanction of the Ministry of Works before undertaking any structural alterations to the ancient house.

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Smockington Hollow

Wigston's Oldest Resident

The Village Pump

The Village Green

Hall Farm - The Manor House

Electricity is brought to St Mary's

Stained Glass Window

St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church

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