Should Fortnite Be Age Rated Higher: What We Think

Should Fortnite Be Age Rated Higher

Fortnite is a very popular video game that is played by millions of people worldwide, it is known for its appeal to younger children with mild violence and animated design. The game has grown to be extremely popular with regular updates to the game to keep players interested, some of these updates included extra violence within their themes which could be a big reason why so many people think it should be rated a little higher in age.

The basics of the game are that one hundred players are spawned on a huge map and have to collect weapons and resources, it is a fight to the death with the last player standing being awarded the victory royale. If you are a fan of the game and want to get better at it then I would highly recommend that you check out hack providers for 2021 working fortnite hacks, which could really boost your performance.

Fortnite currently has an age rating of twelve and over due to the themes of the game and the weapons that are shown, many people think that this could be increased to at least an age rating of fifteen where these games are said to be more appropriate. There is no denying that Fortnite is a fun game that attracts so many players on a daily basis however, with more focus on encouraging children to only have access to age-appropriate content I believe this should at least be discussed.

Themes of the Game That May be Inappropriate

One of the main themes of the game that may be inappropriate for young children would have to be the clear objective of violence within Fortnite’s concept. Although many would say that as it is animated and childlike in appearance the theme of violence is still very clear, this could lead to children having an altered view on crime and guns as they are depicted so positively within Fortnite, I would also argue however that as parents it is your responsibility to make the decision but also to discuss these themes in a mature way so that you children have a better understanding.

It is the opinion of many that games shouldn’t be allowed to depict these themes of violence in such a way whereas others have the opinion that as it is so animated in its aesthetic the game is fine. With such conflicting opinions being present around the game it is unlikely to see much change from the creators, this is also why it is so important that you discuss any potential issues with your children as you cannot be reliant on the producers to address your concerns.

Is Fortnite Safe For Young Gamers

As mentioned previously it is down to you to make your own personal decision around Fortnite’s age rating, if you deem it inappropriate for your child then it is your responsibility to stop them playing until you believe they are old enough. However, it is my opinion and the opinion of many that Fortnite manages to find a good balance between the violence within the game as well as making it clear that this isn’t a real depiction of how the world works.

With all of the appeal it has to children and the beautiful world you spawn in, I would argue that it is pretty clear to most players that Fortnite is just a game and nothing that is shown in the game should be replicated. For me, the main appeal of a game like Fortnite is that you can find escape and fun no matter how old you are, rather than focusing on the guns and violence it contains.

Do Changes to American Laws Show Progression or Regression?

Do Changes to American Laws Show Progression or Regression?

The last few years have left America in a questionable position in the world. America was once a respectable country and was at the forefront of legal and social progression. In 2016, something happened that completely shook the country and made it a joke in comparison to the rest of the countries in the world- Trump was elected.

When Trump started his presidential campaign, everyone thought it was a bit of a joke. He was nothing more than a millionaire that hosted reality TV shows, so everybody was shocked when he thought he was capable of being president. Nobody thought that he would ever achieve election, but the entire world was shocked when he beat Hillary Clinton to the position.

Due to Trump’s general lack of education, he made some pretty controversial changes to the law and prioritised changes that were detrimental to some ethnic minorities throughout America. For the last four years, it seems as though America was starting to regress into a state that was not good for any of its inhabitants and the world was worried, to say the least.

Thankfully, Trump did not receive a second term and the reigns were handed to someone who had the interests of the people in mind.

With every new president, brand new laws are put into place and over the last decade, there has been a drastic shift in the way in which America operates. The laws have constantly changed and an ongoing debate throughout America is whether or not these law changes have had a positive impact on America.

Depending on where you fall politically and morally, it is likely that you are going to interpret the law changes in America differently. Many people believe that the changes that have been made have created positive changes within the country, whereas others completely disagree.

We are going to have a little look into some of the laws that have appeared in the last decade and discuss whether or not the changes to laws show a progression or regression in the way the country operates.

  • Abortion Laws

Something that has always been a slippery slope in America is the law concerning abortion. Though we are in the 21st century, America is still a widely Christian country. Abortion is forbidden in Christianity and for that reason, many states within America has kept the law that abortion is illegal. This is not a law that covers the whole of America and so some people believe that its existence at all seems completely unnecessary.

The only people that believe that this law is ok is those who follow a strict religion, and even some of those people believe that it is the right of the woman to choose whether or not they should be able to keep their child. It is believed that religion should have no impact on the law at all, as the country operates in a way that the church is separate from the state and therefore there should be no persuasion at all by religion.

The most recent controversial decision that has been made in regards to abortion happened in Texas. Texas is once again a predominantly religious state and to respect that religion it was stated that a woman would not be able to have an abortion beyond six weeks.

All over the world, it is common practice to allow abortion up to 24 weeks, as the child is not properly developed before then. The six-week law is a perfect example of how those in charge should not be able to make such a big decision on behalf of others, as most pregnancies are not even detectable until after this 6 week period.

Something that many people have pointed out is there is no diversity in the cabinet of people who make these decisions, as most political bodies are made up of older white men. America is such a diverse place, with many different ages and many different age groups. The cabinet is supposed to reflect the country and it currently does not, so many people question why they are able to make decisions that have an impact on everybody but them?

People argue that this shows no progression in the legal system at all, as the same people who made the decisions in the past are still making the decisions now.

  • Weed Laws

A place in which there does seem to be some sort of progression is in relation to marijuana laws. For many years, marijuana growth, distribution and consumption were illegal in the US.

The laws are once again not the same throughout America, as some states allow the use of legal marijuana, whereas it is completely illegal in others. More and more states within America are legalizing weed consumption and it is estimated that by the end of 2025, every state in America will have weed legalised.

If you go to America right now, most people share the exact same views on weed and many acts as if it is already completely legal. In places like New Jersey and California, it is common practice for people to engage in marijuana consumption and if you are someone that is located in either area, you will be glad to know that you can purchase marijuana seeds in Garfield New Jersey from this online dispensary and grow your very own at home.

Though attitudes towards marijuana legalisation show that there is room for progression, it also shows that the legal system within America is completely flawed. It makes absolutely no sense that within the space of a single state, you could be legally prosecuted for doing something that is completely legal just a state over.

This has also highlighted the flaws in the prison system. In some states where marijuana consumption is completely legal, there are people that are in prison currently serving long sentences based on outdated laws. It is believed that people who are serving these sentences should be released, but with the current state of America, it is likely that this will not be the case.

How The World of Real Estate Has Changed in The Last Decade

How The World of Real Estate Has Changed in The Last Decade

The last decade has brought about a lot of change over a variety of different industries, the real estate world is no exception to this and things look a lot different now from what this industry used to be like. Real estate is a great industry to get into with a career path that will hopefully bring about a lot of success for your future, if you get the opportunity to start gaining qualifications in this area then I would urge you to at least look at the opportunities that it can provide.

Aside from the increased amount of employment and education opportunities in the real estate world the last decade has brought about many other changes. The fundamental purpose of this industry involves the sale of homes and while this remains unchanged in the present day so many things have advanced to the processes that we see being used now. With so many factors that have contributed to these changes. I will be looking at some of the most influential reasons why the world of real estate has gone through so miuch development in how many of the included businesses operate.

Property Design

One of the biggest reasons why the property industry has gone through so much change is because what is expected in terms of property design and aesthetics has increased significantly. More and more people want homes that are furnished, decorated, and ready to move in as soon as the sale is finalized. Although there are a number of buyers who want to do this themselves as it has become more of a standard practice to sell homes that require minimal work and maintenance, property companies must take this into consideration before putting a house on the market.

This change in expectation has come about as a result of the increase in how many modern and gorgeously designed properties are on the market, if people are seeing homes of this stature on a regular basis it will become the basic expectation to see these kinds of homes if you want your real estate company to stand out as a professional.

Sale Techniques

How companies sell their homes has gone through significant change over the last decade also. With many factors coming into play, the way in which realtors execute sales and marketing techniques had to go through the development which was necessary to increase a companies sales and profits. This is completely normal as the market changes in who is looking for new properties, you should always try and tailor your marketing material to something that is relevant in today’s society to ensure that prospective buyers have a positive response and end up choosing you to find the home of their dreams.

Sale techniques have also changed especially in the North Carolina area where people are looking to make a quick sale, this opened up an opportunity in the market to attract a new type of buyers which would be perfect if you are looking to get a cash offer for your house in North Carolina. Whatever the circumstances if you are able to offer a quick turnaround on your sales then you will be more attractive to a buyer who needs to get rid of a property as soon as they can, this will help you to secure more business compared to a company who takes a few weeks to get through all of the required paperwork and deed changes.

Marketing and Advertisement

With all of these changes within the real estate industry over the last few years, it makes sense that the marketing and advertising processes that are used would also go through some development to ensure their relevance and currentness. Marketing is an essential part of any business to spread the word about your company and the specific services that you have to offer, without it you would likely see a decline in your sales ratings which could negatively affect your companies progression.

The scale of marketing is something that has definitely increased as the industry gains more and more competing companies within it, in order to gain sales and increase the amount of money you make you need to ensure that your marketing is strong enough to attract customers and overshadow the other brands that are trying to do the same thing. How people market is something that has also changed with more people looking at cheaper and more effective methods to attract customers. Social media is a great way to do this as it is free to use and you can appeal to people on a worldwide basis no matter where your company is based.

Industry Competition

A final factor that has played a big part in the way real estate has changed over the last decade would have to be the huge increase in how many real estate and property development companies have come onto the market. With many industries, there has been a big growth in how many companies exist as more people start their own businesses however, this has meant that real estate companies have had to deal with increased competition over sales. This has caused another huge boost in marketing strategies and how properties are presented as more is at stake with each sale as it would be so easy to find an alternative company if you do not follow all of the right steps.

Covid Wedding Cancellations: A Look into the Couples That Lost Thousands Last Year

Covid Wedding Cancellations

2020 was a very difficult year for everyone, but it certainly affected some worse than others. Thanks to new social distancing measures and the lockdowns, many people had to very suddenly cancel their weddings, losing out on massive deposits and their dream venue. And although weddings are now able to resume, it is a much smaller and intimate reception than some would have hoped for.

Venues and deposits

The biggest issue couples had was with their venues they had booked to hold their wedding and reception at, and the deposits they had placed for these things, as well as catering, decorations, and much more. As much as these couples were hit hard by the pandemic, so were these venues, and if they issues full refunds to everyone who had to cancel, then they would be struggling too, as they would not have booking for many more months potentially. Some couples who did try to rearrange and were offered some of the earliest dates available, ended up having to rearrange multiple times due to the ongoing pandemic, but could not cancel their booking as they were not being offered a refund.There were venues that offered to move the original booking to a different date in the future free of charge, and some offered partial refunds (as neither party was at fault for the cancellation), but others refused refunds and quoted their policy as the reason why, even though the couples were not at fault and it was completely out of their hands. Businesses like caterers and waitstaff were affected by this as well, as these people still deserved to be able to get paid and survive during the pandemic, but the refunds would make it difficult for their companies to pay them, as well as leaving them without a job for the foreseeable future.

How did couples react to this?

As you can imagine, people were devastated by this. Not just with the loss of money, but also with losing out on their dream wedding. And this only added extra stress to what already would have been a very stressful lead up for them.And for some people, this would also mean that they lose out on their dream wedding forever, as the money that was lost is not so easily replaceable, especially if you’ve put a deposit down that cost a few thousand. However, some couples took it in their stride and just rearranged with the venues and caterers they booked, and decided to just elope instead so they could keep their wedding date. And then they can just pla to throw a wedding later when restrictions were lifted, which also lifts some of the anxiety off the day when you’re already married beforehand. But there was also a few couples who couldn’t handle the stress of it all at all between losing their dream and their deposits, and they ended up separating. Fortunately this only happened to a small percentage of couples, but it is understandable why it came to this after having to suffer such a big loss to your finances, as well as some suffering losses in their families as well during this time.

Are weddings going to be the same?

It is difficult to say, but with the decline of weddings and rise of people eloping over the past ten years, as well as the effects of the pandemic, it does look like they are going to change. Whether that is people deciding to go all out for their weddings in the future as a response to this and a need to celebrate, or people who have quiet intimate affairs that consider social and ethical effects, such as a moissanite vs diamond ring, or the stress on people and the environment of having so many people traveling to one location. Not to mention being able to save money with inviting less people, and instead throwing a party on a later date for extended family and friends. Weddings will definitely change after this, but how depends on the people who were planning them, and how people are wanting to respond to the pandemic.

Last year was a very unfortunate year for everyone, and for most sectors as well. It is estimated that the sector lost up to £5 Billion in the UK alone, that is from the couples who lost their deposits and the venues who lost out on revenue and income from this too, as they would have needed help from the Government to keep going when business came to a halt.

Is the UK High Street Going to Bounce Back in 2022?

Is the UK High Street Going to Bounce Back in 2022?

The UK high street is the name usually applied to the stretch or area of shops in various towns and villages around the UK. It is a common name with there being upwards of 3000 roads in the UK that are referred to as the High Street, with another 2,500 having a variation of this name, for instance the Upper High Street or the High Street West. In the majority of places that have a high street, it is their main place to get groceries from a big supermarket, to go shopping or to go for lunch. The name has a long history, it originated all the way back in the 12th Century. Back then the word high was used in a different way, it was used to indicate when someone or something was of a higher importance or had a more important status. Most of these streets would have originally had a local name but in time High Street became the widespread option. The high streets in the UK have survived a long time by evolving with societies needs, for example sleigh bed designs are popular so furniture shops would start to stock sleigh beds. However, in recent years the high streets have started to struggle, we’ll delve into why and if 2022 is going to be the year that they manage to bounce back.

Did the pandemic affect the UK high street?

The coronavirus pandemic became known to the world late 2019 when the city of Wuhan, where the virus originated, got placed into a strict lockdown. Although the Chinese government tried to prevent the spread of the virus with these actions, the world watched as the virus spread worldwide until it became a global health issue. Governments worldwide all had to take action to try and protect their citizens from being exposed to this deadly virus, millions of lives were lost worldwide and without the implementation of lockdowns the death toll would have been much higher. Whilst the lockdown was completely necessary as it was the only way to save lives, as a side effect many issues arose. One of these was that under the lockdown rules people on the UK could only leave the house for essential reasons and high street shops were forced to close. This led to many small businesses not being able to pay rent and having to close for good, this was also the case for many local pubs that were treasured in the local communities. The pandemic played a huge part in the decline of the high street, but it was starting to go sour before this.

What else caused the decline of the high street?

As much as the shops on the high street try their hardest to keep up with current trends and to stay relevant, it is impossible to keep up with online shopping. The introduction of online shopping changed the way people shop and changed what consumers expect. Many shops on the high street have opening hours of 9-5, this is impossible to compete with the internet where you can purchase anything you want at any time of the day. This was only worsened by companies such as Amazon offering next day delivery, many people were facing the choice of leave work early and rush to the high street in the hope of finding what you need, or go home and find what you need from the comfort of your bed and have it arrive at your house the next day. Online shopping is much more convenient so it also played a big part in why the high street was beginning to fail. On top of this, with the increase over the years in the price of rent, many businesses didn’t see it worth renting out big buildings anymore of many small businesses were unable to afford the increase.

Will the High Street make a comeback in 2022?

Now that such a high percentage of adults in the UK are fully vaccinated, the world is beginning to operate as normal again. This means that logistically there is potential for the high street to bounce back as shops will be able to operate at normal capacity again and people will be back to going to the high street as something to do on their weekends. The lockdown also helped people to realize how important local communities are, this has led to many people making more of an active effort to support their local businesses. This means that people are trying to shop local as much as they can rather than ordering online. However, online is still more convenient so it’s hard to say at this point whether the high streets will fully bounce back.

Why More US States are Increasing Art Budgets in Schools

Why More US States are Increasing Art Budgets in Schools

For as long as there have been arts in school, there have been people trying to cut the budgets for these arts. If you went to school in the 90s or early 2000s, then you will be more than aware of the constant battle that schools had with trying to keep their valued art departments open.

In the past, classes like music and art were not valued as much as other classes. The government, and even parents, wanted the school budget to be directed to classes that were considered to be more valuable. Many states in the US complied with this disregard of the arts and so the budgets were re-targeted towards more academic lessons. This means that the arts and music programs that did exist lacked in any quality.

Not everyone is born academically minded and so this was extremely unfair on those that associated more with the arts. They were not given the chance to explore their passions enough, which meant that many of them followed career paths that they were not passionate about. However, in recent years there has been an increase in these budgets. Here is a look into why more US states are increasing art budgets in schools.

An Increase in Artistic Careers

Something that we will say is that in the past there were far fewer artistic job opportunities. Though this does not excuse the cut budgets, it does explain it slightly. However, in 2021, there are a lot of job opportunities for those who have creative passions.

If you are someone that loves art and design, you can pursue a career in interior or graphic design. If you love music, then you can become a musician or even a producer. There is so much opportunity for people to make careers out of the arts that it simply does not make sense to deprive students of an education.

With the progression of TV and video, more and more people are needed to become TV animators. You may have noticed that Anime is becoming much more popular, with shows like Deathnote and Haikyuu becoming beloved all over the world. Without the hard work of animators and music creators, there wouldn’t be the cult following of these animes that there is today. So the next time that you take a which haikyuu character are you quiz, think about the hard work that was put in by the creative team.

Arts Encourage Academic Success

There is no denying that school is difficult. Students spend all of their days completing an onslaught of difficult lessons and sometimes they need some form of relief. Being able to break their day up with the arts offers the relief that they need.

Taking part in activities such as painting and music has been proven to help you academically. Say you have a student that is very musically talented and can play many instruments. It takes a good memory to be able to master an instrument and the process of learning can actually drastically improve your overall memory, which can be helpful for other classes.

Different Needs

Another reason why states have been increasing their arts budget is to take into account students of different needs. There has been a drastic increase in the number of students diagnosed with Autism and other similar conditions. Studies show that artistic stimulation can improve the hardships that these students go through and improve their grades in other lessons. It is a great way for these students to destress in what can be an overwhelming environment and so these classes are needed more than ever.

Why Australia Has an Outcry For Qualified Plumbers

Why Australia Has an Outcry For Qualified Plumbers

Skilled workers are important in any country to allow an economy to function well. Over the past few years there has been a worldwide shortage of skilled workers in various fields and governments have been implementing schemes to encourage people to train in the fields with these vacancies. Australia is one of the countries that is currently struggling to find enough skilled workers to fill all their vacancies. The biggest shortage that Australia is facing is a qualified plumber shortage, it’s a simple supply and demand issue but we’ve dug into why it is impacting Australia more than other countries.

What does a plumber do?

A plumber is qualified to deal with any problems that may occur with the complex water systems that are running through buildings, this includes the water systems that allow toilets to function properly, the systems that allow your shower to work and any issues that arise with things like your washing machine or dishwasher. Plumbers also have the option to gain an additional qualification so that they’re able to install and fix central heating too.

How do you become a plumber?

It is possible to become a plumber through a variety of different paths, the first and most common is by taking a college course. There is quite a bit of competition to gain a place on one of these courses and entry requirements are based on the grades you achieve at school. Another option is to complete an apprenticeship, this allows you to gain work experience, study and earn money all at the same time. As you’re paid for your work rather than just spending time in a class room, there is even more competition to get accepted than college. Finally, you can find an employer who is willing to hire and train you to help you qualify.

Why does Australia not have enough plumbers?

The major cities in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. These cities are constantly under development and the more rural parts of Australia are under development to become more urban. Plumbers are vital to a city or regions development, the demand is so high for plumbing work, there isn’t enough people qualified to keep up with the work load. An issue that is making this worse for Australia is that a lot of their plumbers are reaching retirement age and there isn’t enough young people to take over their jobs leaving a huge gap. Luckily, if you need a plumber and you’re in one of the big cities there are large companies like the superior plumbing company in Perth, but if you’re in a more rural area you may struggle to find an available plumber.

Which areas will require plumbers the most?

Whilst Sydney has a huge number of plumbers already, they are expanding and developing more quickly than any other area, just recently they’ve built more hospitals, homes and university buildings. They plan to continue expanding which is going to require many more plumbers than are available. Other areas that are also struggling with hiring enough qualified plumbers include Port Adelaide, Stirling and the Sunshine Coast.

How can Australia get more qualified plumbers?

The best way for Australia to sort this issue is to expand plumbing courses at college so they can take on more students, which in turn will result in more people wanting to work in that industry. However, it will be several years until these students are qualified so they can also make it easier for plumbers from abroad to get a living and working visa.

4 Affordable Ways to Modernise Your Home

4 Affordable Ways to Modernise Your Home

Something that has become a trend across the planet is DIY home renovation. Since home decoration shows skyrocketed in popularity, many of us have felt the overwhelming urge to completely redo the rooms within our home. If you have stumbled across this article, then it is likely that you are one of the people that is feeling the urge to reinvent your space.

Reinventing your home can be approached in many ways. Some of you may be looking for a more drastic change, while others may just be wanting some subtle changes that can bring brand new life to your home. Right now many people are putting time into modernising their home, which is an exciting prospect, but it can be very pricey.  Something that we can all agree on is saving money. Even if you are not necessarily struggling with the money that you have, we all want to save whenever we can. Spending too much money may be what has put you off completing any renovations up until this point, but what if I was to tell you that you can modernise your home for a reasonable cost? Here are 4 affordable ways to modernise your home.

Tinted Windows

A way in which many people have been modernising their home is by replacing some of their older pane windows with large modern windows. Doing this brings a lot of light into your home and makes the space look much bigger. Though this looks cool, not everyone wants the neighbors to be able to glare into their homes. For this reason, we recommend that you get the tinted glass, this will give you the open feel with added safety. If you are currently living in the city, I recommend contacting svglass in Perth as they can help create any vision that you may have for your home.

Utilise smart technology

One of the easiest ways to modernise your home is by utilising smart technology. There is a common misconception that doing this is extremely expensive, but this isn’t the case. You can buy very affordable devices that allow you to link your lighting and home devices to one control unit. If you purchase an Alexa or a Google Home, you will be able to control most of your house simply by speaking, which is sure to impress any guests that you may have.

Get rid of clutter

If you really want your house to meet up with modern standards, the best thing you can do is declutter. Having too many things cluttering your space can make your home look dated and disorganised and, likely, you don’t need most of the things that are cluttering your space.  Getting rid of the things that are taking up your space will mean that your house will look cleaner, and you will also have a clean slate, which means redesigning your house will be much easier to do if you feel inspired to do so.

Consider open plan living

If you want your house to feel more modern, we recommend that you consider looking into open plan living. Open plan living can completely transform your space and can be extremely easy to do if you have the right contacts. This is something you will only be able to do if you own your house and if you rent, you will need to ask your landlord for permission before you start knocking down their walls.  It is quite popular to have the wall between your kitchen and your dining room knocked down, as this will allow you to entertain any guests that you may have over.