Best 10 Things to Do in Leicestershire 


Leicestershire is one of the best states that you must visit to explore its tremendous beauty. The town of Leicestershire is best known for its diversified cultural scenery and universities of the world. The arts and culture flourish in the well-known cultural district, which hosts a broad range of art galleries, museums but also theatres.
The graveyard of King Richard III, whose sepulcher lies in Leicester’s cathedral, is, however, known as Leicester. In the East Midlands, there was a medieval park with hundreds of deer traveling free. After quite a sightseeing day, unwind at such an open-air theatre nestled in such a forested glade near a calm lake. In this article, we have jotted down some of the best things that you can do in Leicestershire. So read and find out.

Top Things to Do at Leicestershire

Leicester Cathedral

Within the cultural district, Leicester Cathedral is distinguished by the medieval and Georgian architecture of the city. The site itself would be used since the pre-Roman era when the construction dates from the 13th century.
Renowned for the remains of King Richard III, the Cathedral of Grade II is housed. Throughout the Cathedral Gardens, there is a bronze statue of the king and an installation of art. After a while in Leicester Cathedral, you can walk out onto the public garden, where even the site is surrounded by flowers, trees, and even a water fountain, stone walkways, and tombstones.


Victoria Park

The Victoria park features 69 acres of open space, a skate park, a sports area, and even a playground for adventure. Leicester is almost always the venue also for the biggest outdoor events in Leicester, including Leicester Caribbean Carnival, Leicester Pride, and Summer Sundae.
The Park contains a majestic arch of the World War I Soldier Memorial, created by Sir Edwin Lutyens, to commemorate the fall of the war warriors. In London, he eventually designed The Cenotaph. The University of Leicester borders Victoria Park and also the lively artistic community of something like Clarendon Park.


Visitor Centre of King Richard III

The visitor’s center King Richard III offers information about the life and death of the King and even some archaeological excavations which unearthed his traces. They found his bones buried below the parking lot of the old church of Greyfriars in the center of Leicester.
In three parts: death, dynasty, and discovery, you can explore the King Richard III Visitors Centre. Via the glass floor in such a space meant for calm contemplation, you can observe the precise find site of Richard’s bones. Leicester Cathedral would be a medieval church step away and was reintegrated into a stone grave in 2015 by Richard III.


Cultural Quarter

It is just a place with quite a wealth of heritage of pre-Victorian and victorian warehouses and plants that have become cultural sites. Around Halford Street and Rutland St, you’ll discover many award-winning restaurants, bars, and cafes.
Curve Theater is a flourishing arts center in Leicester, among the most important landmarks of the Cultural Quarter. Constructed in 2008 by architect Rafael Viñoly, it showcases modern works for people of all ages. The neighboring Phoenix Cinema and Arts Center is the center of independent films, culture, and art throughout the city.


Attenborough Arts Centre

The Centre’s focus is on community participation and making art inspiring for everyone. This city-center art gallery was inspired by famous British filmmaker and actor Sir Richard Attenborough.
A revolving program of fascinating exhibitions, dance performances, live music, and activities is organized at Attenborough Arts Centre. Situated on Leicester University property, the building has four galleries, a cafe on-site, workshops, creative courses, and just a 230-seat theatre. The building is a large-scale edifice.


National Space Centre

The National Space Center is where the history of space exploration is revived with interactive exhibitions. Her comprehensive collection comprises meteorites, space suits, and satellites that have gone back and forth to the cosmos.
The museum is interactive, full of experiences and exhibitions for children. Tours of the Society of Columbus from the ISS and tours of a Wormhole to view the Big Bang are among the highlights. There is also a planetarium in the National Space Center of Leicester, with award-winner shows for full audiences on dome theatre.


The Golden Mile

Leicester’s Golden Meile is a bustling strip noted for its shops, eateries, and community activities in South Indian countries. This region is situated along Belgrave Road and Melton Street and therefore is best served with dazzling street lights there at Diwali and Christmas celebrations.
There are several businesses for gold jewelry, Indian cuisine, and candy all year round. At Bobby, you may experience vegetarian meals of the Gujarati kind, like cozy channa bhatura with thick chickpea curry. The National Space Center, with exhibitions and one of the UK’s largest planetariums, is located nearby.


Bradgate Park

Deep amongst the winding countryside of the East Midlands, Leicester City Center is around a 20-minute drive away. This 830-acre medieval deer park has a playground, two tea houses, and a visitor center and is part of the Charnwood Forest.
Stroll past hundreds of peacocks and fallow deer, twisting paths through Bradgate Park. To get a wide perspective of Leicestershire, you could climb up to the Old John Tower, constructed in 1784 by the 5th Earl of Stamford. One of the park’s historical attractions is the Ruins of Bradgate Mansion — a brick-style country house that was the home of Lady Jane Grey’s children, renowned for Nine Days as the Queen of England.


Kilworth House Theatre

In Lutterworth, some 30 minutes drive south of Central Leicester, the Kilworth House Theater occupies a woodland glade. The open-air theatre, which opened in 2007, is covered with a magnificent sailing canopy so that you could always enjoy a live show whatever the weather is. 550 comfy, level seats are available to guarantee everyone is amazed by the scenery.
The Kilworth House Theater has hosted high-quality shows, including Happy & Glorious, a British Philharmonic Orchestra musical that commemorates Queen Elizabeth II – the most distinguished monarch of history. Right next to a lake, the theatre is ideal for walking before or after a show. There are also two restaurants featuring British cuisine located mostly on the grounds of the Kilworth House Hotel.


The Museum and Art Gallery of Leicester are noted for showcasing dinosaurs, the collection of ancient Egypt, and also the Victorian Art Gallery. It is one of the oldest public museums in the UK and was founded in 1840. A wonderful wealth of treasures and an exhibit of wildlife explored in natural settings are available first-hand.
You could participate in exhibition tours and listen to curators talk about just the various collections to discover more of the interesting exhibits at Leicester’s Flagship Museum. Less than a mile southeast of the city center is located on New Walk, the Leicester Museum, and Art Gallery.


Final Words

So these were the top ten things that you can do and explore in the state of Leicestershire. So book your trip and explore the beautiful state of Leicestershire.

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