Best 11 Places for Shopping in Leicestershire 


If you are a shopping freak, then you will like the state of Leicestershire. Leicestershire has several stores and stalls to satisfy any budget, such as an open-air market where suppliers offer manufactured products and imported products. The town has a highly dynamic art culture which leads to a large concentration of art galleries, quirky shops, antique shops, and presentation stores.
The center of Leicester city is just where retail malls with world-famous brands and chain eateries could be found. If you’d like to enjoy a relaxing shopping experience, blue suburbs such as Stoneygate feature a great combination of independent and branded shops and cozy cafes and bars. In this article, we have jotted down the details about some of the top places that you can visit to shop out various things in Leicestershire. So read and find out.

Top Places to Shop in Leicestershire

Leicester Market

With over 270 vendors selling fresh fruits and greens, vegetables, flowers, clothing, and antiquities, The Leicester market has been one of Europe’s largest outdoor marketplaces. The town market boasts a glassed food hall with exquisite pork ties, Red Leicester, saucers, and Stilton cheeses offered by deli shopkeepers and butchers.
The Leicester Corn Exchange, which was used as a commercial center in 1850, is located at its center. Please ensure that you plan your time to explore the

Leicester Market at competitive costs.


A wonderful independent record shop is present in every big city. Rocketboom is what we’ve chosen to call ourselves. You should visit if you’re passionate about music and playing music on vinyl. It’s part of the fabric of the city. This is the perfect spot to visit if you like rock, jazz, reggae, soul, house, metal, electronica, funk, pop, disco, African, blues, or Latin music. If you’re on the digital-only bandwagon, you’ll get deals on both physical and digital CDs. Check your local record store to see if you have to stand in line for hours on the annual Record Store Day.

Golden Mile

Leicester’s Golden Meile is a bustling strip noted for its shops, eateries, and community activities in South Indian countries. This location lies at best along Belgrave Road and Melton Road, whenever the street lights out with bright lights, throughout Diwali and Christmas. This is one of the top places to shop in Leicestershire.
The Golden Mile has the biggest concentration of Indian jewelers in Great Britain. There are a large number of shops which sell traditional clothes, such as sarees and salwar kameez, and also confectionery shops, where golden dumplings or gulab jamun could be picked in rose water and spices.

Highcross Leicester

Highcross is amongst the most prominent brands in Leicester with a one-roof shopping experience. The center of Leicester Cathedral and Museum Guildhall is a short distance to the center of town.
With Debenhams and John Lewis & Partners as anchor holders, Highcross has more than 100 retailers. House of Fraser, Zara, and Mango are notable brands. It is indeed a hub of restaurants in the quality chain, such as Mission Burrito, Krispy Kreme, and Wagamama. The center features an ultra-modern sound & digital film theatre with a 12-screen cinema and just a high-end facility, including the Director’s Hall and the Directors’ Lounge.

Stoneygate Shops

In even a leafy, same-name community, the Stoneygate Shops are a cluster of independents. It is located less than 2 miles to the southeast of central Leicester, near the Clarendon Park cultural hotspot.
Vintage boutiques and donation shops are part of Stoneygate Businesses, as are designer shops, gadget shops but also art galleries. Beauty and hair spas also are available if you wish to relax. After a shopping day, relax at picturesque cafes and pubs, including The Real Ale Classroom, Brown’s Cafe Bistro, and Timo Restaurant.

The Lanes

The Leicester Gateway is a collection of paved, medieval streets. The hotel is situated within walking distance of Leicester cathedral, the Clock Tower, and Leicester Market and offers many independent boutiques, old taverns, and tearooms.

Leicester’s Arcades

This is no fruit machine we’re discussing. Despite its historical connection to cinema, Leicester’s three main cinemas — Royal, Odeon, and Malcolm – are quite significant shopping malls in its own right, serving as the link between the High Street and The Lanes, as well as Leicester Market. If you stray away from the chain stores, you’ve found this. At No. 1, mostly in Royal Arcade, is the amazing Maynard & Bradley, which sells maps, prints, and posters that date back to an era before modern technology. It has a framing service as well. Pomegranate Clothing is a clothing store providing many must-have supplies for those that fit into the various categories. A wide range of ideas exists between these two extremes.

Haymarket Shopping Centre

This shopping place is one of Leicester’s oldest centers since 1973. This is one of the top places to shop in Leicestershire. There are more than 65 shops, from fashion and food stores to beauty centers and supermarkets. Primark, H&M, Pandora, and TKMaxx are the main shops in Haymarket.
Outside of the mall, you may see historic sights like The Clock Tower and the stainless steel sculpture of Hubert Dalwood. Shopping center Haymarket is like a 10-minute walk from the Curve Theater and St George’s Church to the west of Leicester’s Cultural Viertel.

St Martins Square

St. Martin Square is indeed a shopping center encircled by the renowned structures of Leicester, such as the visitor center King Richard III and also the cathedral of Leicester. This big and lovely courtyard has dozens of separate companies, including restaurants, shops, and parlors.
The Vintage scene is fantastic for collecting single-handed garments and accessories, while Rockaboom specializes in new vinyl records in Malcolm Arcade. St Martin’s Square includes cozy cafes, such as Ms. Bridges Tea Rooms and St Martin’s coffee shop in which you might relax your feet.

Tin Drum Books

Novels that involve bookstores are likely modeled on Tin Drum Books. The books – both old and new – are piled on each, and every surface in unorderly stacks. If you plan to spend many enjoyable hours browsing, prepare yourself since you could discover something new at any moment. This is where you should begin if you need support with your studies.

The Very Bazaar

We may very well have come up with the term ‘alternative,’ all on our own, when we opened our doors. For more than three decades, the business has occupied property in the city also, in 1972, had a stand at Glastonbury Festival. This is the spot for Eastern-inspired things such as incense sticks, mandala-design bedspreads, and other home decors from a wide array of designers. Jewelry, tarot cards, wallets, crystals, and ornaments are all available for purchase. Special sessions of Chakra realignment, Mehndi art, and tarot interpretations are also on the schedule.

Final Words

So these were some of the best places that you can visit to shop in Leicestershire. So next time you visit Leicestershire visit these shops and shopping centers to buy some amazing things.

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