Do Changes to American Laws Show Progression or Regression?

Do Changes to American Laws Show Progression or Regression?

The last few years have left America in a questionable position in the world. America was once a respectable country and was at the forefront of legal and social progression. In 2016, something happened that completely shook the country and made it a joke in comparison to the rest of the countries in the world- Trump was elected.

When Trump started his presidential campaign, everyone thought it was a bit of a joke. He was nothing more than a millionaire that hosted reality TV shows, so everybody was shocked when he thought he was capable of being president. Nobody thought that he would ever achieve election, but the entire world was shocked when he beat Hillary Clinton to the position.

Due to Trump’s general lack of education, he made some pretty controversial changes to the law and prioritised changes that were detrimental to some ethnic minorities throughout America. For the last four years, it seems as though America was starting to regress into a state that was not good for any of its inhabitants and the world was worried, to say the least.

Thankfully, Trump did not receive a second term and the reigns were handed to someone who had the interests of the people in mind.

With every new president, brand new laws are put into place and over the last decade, there has been a drastic shift in the way in which America operates. The laws have constantly changed and an ongoing debate throughout America is whether or not these law changes have had a positive impact on America.

Depending on where you fall politically and morally, it is likely that you are going to interpret the law changes in America differently. Many people believe that the changes that have been made have created positive changes within the country, whereas others completely disagree.

We are going to have a little look into some of the laws that have appeared in the last decade and discuss whether or not the changes to laws show a progression or regression in the way the country operates.

  • Abortion Laws

Something that has always been a slippery slope in America is the law concerning abortion. Though we are in the 21st century, America is still a widely Christian country. Abortion is forbidden in Christianity and for that reason, many states within America has kept the law that abortion is illegal. This is not a law that covers the whole of America and so some people believe that its existence at all seems completely unnecessary.

The only people that believe that this law is ok is those who follow a strict religion, and even some of those people believe that it is the right of the woman to choose whether or not they should be able to keep their child. It is believed that religion should have no impact on the law at all, as the country operates in a way that the church is separate from the state and therefore there should be no persuasion at all by religion.

The most recent controversial decision that has been made in regards to abortion happened in Texas. Texas is once again a predominantly religious state and to respect that religion it was stated that a woman would not be able to have an abortion beyond six weeks.

All over the world, it is common practice to allow abortion up to 24 weeks, as the child is not properly developed before then. The six-week law is a perfect example of how those in charge should not be able to make such a big decision on behalf of others, as most pregnancies are not even detectable until after this 6 week period.

Something that many people have pointed out is there is no diversity in the cabinet of people who make these decisions, as most political bodies are made up of older white men. America is such a diverse place, with many different ages and many different age groups. The cabinet is supposed to reflect the country and it currently does not, so many people question why they are able to make decisions that have an impact on everybody but them?

People argue that this shows no progression in the legal system at all, as the same people who made the decisions in the past are still making the decisions now.

  • Weed Laws

A place in which there does seem to be some sort of progression is in relation to marijuana laws. For many years, marijuana growth, distribution and consumption were illegal in the US.

The laws are once again not the same throughout America, as some states allow the use of legal marijuana, whereas it is completely illegal in others. More and more states within America are legalizing weed consumption and it is estimated that by the end of 2025, every state in America will have weed legalised.

If you go to America right now, most people share the exact same views on weed and many acts as if it is already completely legal. In places like New Jersey and California, it is common practice for people to engage in marijuana consumption and if you are someone that is located in either area, you will be glad to know that you can purchase marijuana seeds in Garfield New Jersey from this online dispensary and grow your very own at home.

Though attitudes towards marijuana legalisation show that there is room for progression, it also shows that the legal system within America is completely flawed. It makes absolutely no sense that within the space of a single state, you could be legally prosecuted for doing something that is completely legal just a state over.

This has also highlighted the flaws in the prison system. In some states where marijuana consumption is completely legal, there are people that are in prison currently serving long sentences based on outdated laws. It is believed that people who are serving these sentences should be released, but with the current state of America, it is likely that this will not be the case.

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