Gardens to Visit in Leicestershire


Leicestershire has many amazing and beautiful gardens that you can visit with your friends and family to enjoy your day. In this article, we have jotted down the details about some of the best gardens of Leicestershire that you must explore.

Top Gardens to Explore in Leicestershire

Calke Abbey

You’ll discover several activities in Calke Abbey—whether you like exploring on even a bike or on foot. Many types of scenery can be found, from the “un-stately” house to the 600 acres of forests and vegetation. Stop into Squirts Stables to play some activities with the youngsters, or simply learn about the diminishing home. Children will be able to engage in numerous natural outdoor play and cycling routes when they are allowed to ride bikes at Calke Explore.


Your tiny explorers would be thrilled when they learn that the cottage in Stoneywell, nestled into a rocky hilltop, has 11 wonderful chambers with fascinating discoveries to be found. Adventure into the woods and your kids might see the wooden Lester lizard. See all types of wonderful woodland characteristics by strolling through foxes, deer, and badgers while you and your family are on vacation. You do not want to miss the fort, which will provide a creative and immersive environment where your tiny explorers can use their creativity and command their own kingdom.

Wollaton Park

Wollaton Park is a truly stunning Tudor building located over five hundred acres of deer park, erected back in the year 1588, and then the home of the City’s Museum of Natural History.
The highlights of the National Connections Gallery included a hippo skeleton and the Humboldt penguin, and then a number of other mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, insects and fossils, among other things.
Bird Gallery comprises its taxidermied game heads and Victorian birds together with more current examples, all perfect for careful study or stunning beasts. Spectacular butterflies, beetles, moths, as well as bugs from all over the world are still on display just at Insect Gallery; also, the famed gorillas and giraffes of the Nottingham History Museum are still on display there in African Gallery along with its joyful goat. Public hall tours are given every day when the hall is open.

Pickford’s House

Pickford’s House is a window to the history of children in the center of Derby, rich with historical artifacts and engaging activities.
This location is a component of Derby Museums, an authentic Georgian house formerly held by John Pickford, the architect from the Enlightenment era. The rooms were designed as they seemed in the Georgian era; interesting, rotating exhibitions and an amazing, secret garden came to life. The team wants to offer students unique possibilities to learn and offer a range of schools that fit into the present curriculum.
While tourists can study further into the cultural history of the area, children would love dressing up in costumes from that time and wildly run into the Georgian Garden. The chance for kids to play and perform in the freelance marionette theatre is maybe the most exciting thing.

Coton Manor

Coton Manor is a stunning 10 acre garden there in the calm countryside of Northamptonshire, which was initially built out in the 1920s and offered a pleasant landscape to explore with children and something heretical to look at in any season! A large nursery, a garden shop, and the Stableyard Cafe are also offered. You also have a Garden School for passionate amateur gardeners who want to develop their skills.
The manor house of the 17th century, which would be fashioned from a cool Northamptonshire stone, plays a major role in the hillside garden with its walls which support climbing roses and clematis. It is designed on various levels and has a number of smaller distinctive gardens with various and interesting features and is complemented by swimming pools, fountains, and streams. There seems to be a wonderful 5-hectare Bluebell wood across the gardens and the colorful wildflower meadow of June and July at its peak.
Other features include a herb- and kitchen garden full of food and medicinal plants, ancient orchards in April, a beautiful wooden garden with cloths and cowslips. You will also have the opportunity to meet some very nice cows and piglets.

Middleton Gardens

Middleton Gardens have everything you could want for your next big family day, from such a historic home to wild gardens, plus with plenty of fantastic activities along the way.
Start your trip outside by running wild in the willow tunnel and the den, explore lots of fantastic natural play sites and wildlife all along Nature Trail, and if you’re interested in such a farmer’s life, go on a tractor ride.
Many seasonal events take place throughout the year, from Easter to Halloween; there is also plenty of stuff to keep your small adventures happy, as well as every morning, you could pick up an activities sheet to fill up while you explore.

Sudbury Hall

Sudbury Hall is one of the best gardens in Leicestershire. It offers a terrific family memory with a wonderful stately property to be explored indoors and plenty of outdoor gardens and rooms to explore.
Take a map and go through the gardens while seeing the quiet lake, and that in the autumn it’s a terrific activity with crunchy leaves and magnificent sunshine throughout the year and what could be better than having fun outdoors? You get twice the enjoyment only with the Youth Museum here, too – get ready to feel nostalgic about your childhood, and kids like that too.
There’s plenty of stuff to discover, and then do a broad range of outdoor walks in Sudbury Hall towards the Childhood Museum.

Burghley Garden

Enjoy the atmosphere of the Burghley Garden. The house seems to be the home of such an incredible collection of excellent art, located in exquisite historic chambers surrounded by lovely architecture. Go out and discover your own Secret Garden. Hidden from view, the garden is full of wonder with a mirrored maze, water elements to refresh you mostly on the warmest of days and also plenty of picnic spaces.
The Gruesomely Grubby Gardens tour is for individuals who truly would like to dirty their hands. Find and understand sculptures, solve puzzles, and discover all or most of the insects and animals which live deep down within garden dirt. This is a home and landscape constructed for the most imaginative.

Final Words

So these were some of the top gardens that you can visit in Leicestershire to have fun with their family and friends.

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