Should Fortnite Be Age Rated Higher: What We Think

Should Fortnite Be Age Rated Higher

Fortnite is a very popular video game that is played by millions of people worldwide, it is known for its appeal to younger children with mild violence and animated design. The game has grown to be extremely popular with regular updates to the game to keep players interested, some of these updates included extra violence within their themes which could be a big reason why so many people think it should be rated a little higher in age.

The basics of the game are that one hundred players are spawned on a huge map and have to collect weapons and resources, it is a fight to the death with the last player standing being awarded the victory royale. If you are a fan of the game and want to get better at it then I would highly recommend that you check out hack providers for 2021 working fortnite hacks, which could really boost your performance.

Fortnite currently has an age rating of twelve and over due to the themes of the game and the weapons that are shown, many people think that this could be increased to at least an age rating of fifteen where these games are said to be more appropriate. There is no denying that Fortnite is a fun game that attracts so many players on a daily basis however, with more focus on encouraging children to only have access to age-appropriate content I believe this should at least be discussed.

Themes of the Game That May be Inappropriate

One of the main themes of the game that may be inappropriate for young children would have to be the clear objective of violence within Fortnite’s concept. Although many would say that as it is animated and childlike in appearance the theme of violence is still very clear, this could lead to children having an altered view on crime and guns as they are depicted so positively within Fortnite, I would also argue however that as parents it is your responsibility to make the decision but also to discuss these themes in a mature way so that you children have a better understanding.

It is the opinion of many that games shouldn’t be allowed to depict these themes of violence in such a way whereas others have the opinion that as it is so animated in its aesthetic the game is fine. With such conflicting opinions being present around the game it is unlikely to see much change from the creators, this is also why it is so important that you discuss any potential issues with your children as you cannot be reliant on the producers to address your concerns.

Is Fortnite Safe For Young Gamers

As mentioned previously it is down to you to make your own personal decision around Fortnite’s age rating, if you deem it inappropriate for your child then it is your responsibility to stop them playing until you believe they are old enough. However, it is my opinion and the opinion of many that Fortnite manages to find a good balance between the violence within the game as well as making it clear that this isn’t a real depiction of how the world works.

With all of the appeal it has to children and the beautiful world you spawn in, I would argue that it is pretty clear to most players that Fortnite is just a game and nothing that is shown in the game should be replicated. For me, the main appeal of a game like Fortnite is that you can find escape and fun no matter how old you are, rather than focusing on the guns and violence it contains.

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