Top 10 Restaurants To Visit in Leicestershire


The location of King Richard III’s burial place, Leicestershire, offers a number of great restaurants that offer some of the greatest curries available outside of London’s Brick Lane. In this article, we have jotted down some of the top-class restaurants that you must visit in Leicestershire in your visit to the state and try out these amazing dishes. So read and find out about these great restaurants.

Best Restaurants to Try Amazing Food in Leicestershire

The Joiners

The Joiners is indeed a sophisticated gastropub located in the countryside outside of Leicester, and it is operated by the same group of people that launched another local favorite, The Boot Room. The excellent and carefully prepared cuisine and wine choices and the journey to this restaurant out of the city is entirely worthwhile. In addition, you could see that the restaurant also boasts a coveted Michelin Bib Gourmand rating, which is given to restaurants that offer great food and exceptional value.


Lighthouse is the first and foremost seafood restaurant and has everything on the menu, which changes seasonally and depending on what type of seafood has been caught that day. They not only serve fish but also meat meals. Lighthouse offers a delectable range of steak, as well as other meat options.

Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas is really a bright and cheerful restaurant, serving Latin American cuisine in vivid and genuine surroundings, which is just a short walk from Leicester’s city centre.
Taking you to the core of Latin America, Las Iguanas brings together pan-continental elements from India, America, Spain, Africa and Portugal to create a mélange of globally-influenced cuisines. A lively and flamboyant restaurant with Latin American art on display boasts sustainable Brazilian wood tables and vivid paint jobs, while the surroundings include homemade furnishings crafted from repurposed South American artefacts.
This Las Iguanas menu offers juicy steaks cooked on the barbeque, freshly-caught chicken, and Latin American meals from all over the continent. Tasty meat and fish-free foods are abundant, and the Las Iguanas bar’s inventory of beverages is legendary: there are drinks of all varieties to be found, ranging from wine, beer, punch, and cooler varieties.

OGGI Simply Italian

OGGI Simply Italian calls itself “the home of Italian cuisine in Leicester,” where the menu and menu items have all been created and curated by the head chef, who is approaching twenty-five years of experience with analysis into the food of Italy. A billion miles just above pizza and spaghetti typically seen at subpar restaurants, Italian food is vibrant and zealous. Their gelato’s authentic taste is close to the real thing, like a piece of Tuscany you could taste right in the East Midlands of England.

The Windmill Inn

The Windmill Inn has redecorated and given the venue its own distinctive spin, making the restaurant exceptional. Fine dining items are complemented with the ‘Windmill Classics’ menu, which is a nod to British heritage and traditional pub food. The pub and restaurant both share the common values and level of care, and also a desire to please its customers, making the bar and restaurant a pleasant Sunday lunch destination.


Kayal would be a place where Indian cuisine is experienced in a different way. The success of the project may be attributed to the efforts of a group of people from Leicester, with strong family ties, who decided to band together to create a series of restaurants within traditional foodways of Kerala, which they have run quite well as a group. Customer service also is highly praised.

Bella Italia

Bella Italia Leicester Meridian serves traditional Italian food and is situated at the heart of the Meridian Leisure Park. Featuring unique photographs of the area, Bella Italia also has a trendy bar where patrons can get a drink.
The Bella Italia menu is full of recipes for every type of hunger, thanks to original Italian ingredients acquired from authentic Italian-family suppliers. Enjoy a delectable pizza made with freshly made dough that is hand-stretched into a thin and crispy base, as well as many other delicious pasta dishes made with freshly made pasta produced by the Gaetarelli family located near Lake Garda, or authentic lasagne made fresh daily following an Italian family recipe. You will find a choice of fresh salads, wonderful Italian classics, and familiar family favourites on the menu as well.
While the selection of Bella Italia’s large wine list provides a complimentary beverage, you can celebrate a special occasion by ordering an Italian specialty drink like the traditional Aperol Spritz. The kids’ menu at Bella Italia has an Italian feast for the youngsters to enjoy, and a trip to the gelato cart brings the meal to a wonderful close.

Saray Mangal

Saray Mangal offers authentic Turkish food from the Asian portion of Turkey, known as Anatolia. It’s almost hard to be unaffected by the tantalising aromas of roasting meats, which are flooding the restaurant thanks to a well-focused cuisine. The Saray Mangal, located in Leicester, embodies the modern Leicester dining experience, as it mixes students and residents of the city with its Turkish community.


The first known place in India where vegetarian food was mastered and served on plantain leaves has been the village of Shivalli in the state of Karnataka. The name of this amazing restaurant is inspired by this place. Not all, but at least one dish in the restaurant is served in the same manner, which makes them unique and one of the best restaurants to visit in Leicestershire.

The Reservoir Inn

The Reservoir Inn, which is part of the Windmill Inn group, is located on the New Forest Peninsula near the reservoir on the outskirts of Leicester. It caters for ramblers and walkers with robust appetites and discerning palates near the reservoirs. Choose one of two dining options: Eat only at the bar where you will enjoy finger foods and even a cool beer, or dine in the much more formal restaurant, where you may have a British take on global cuisines with local ingredients.

Final Words

So these were some of the top class restaurants in Leicestershire that you must surely visit on your trip to Leicestershire.

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