Top Reasons to Visit Leicestershire


Leicestershire is a great tourist spot that every person must visit in their lifetime. They must explore the state and know the history of this amazing place. In terms of city and outdoor activities, Leicestershire provides a nice balance between the two and is about an hour and thirty minutes away from London by train. Many of the factors why you should travel back to Leicestershire are its history, delicious food, and nice people that are part of Leicester’s cultural scene. In this article, we have jotted down some of the great reasons for visiting the city of Leicestershire.

Reasons for Visiting Leicestershire

The Amazing History

The city of Leicester, which formerly served as just a tribal center for the Romans over 2000 years ago, became the cradle of Norman, Saxon, and Viking colonies and afterward became an important part of the Industrial Revolution. It is worth seeing the Roman History section of the Jewry Wall Museum.

The Great Leicester Football Club

That was a terrific year to be a Leicester City supporter in 2016. Prior to their surprise Premier League title win, Leicester was considered an underdog team and was renowned as that of the Foxes. An awe-inspiring set of paintings were produced to commemorate the team’s huge achievement and even the impact that it had on the city of Leicester residents. If you really are fascinated by urban art, then we would recommend going to see the murals.

The Remains of King Richard III in Car Park

When it was announced that the long-lost remains of the British monarch, King Richard III, had been found underneath a car park in Leicester, the city decided to build a visitor center dedicated to the king. The archaeological procedures that occurred throughout the research process and even the meticulous investigation that led to the conclusion that England’s medieval king had been uncovered are explained in Leicestershire. Invest in a copy of David Hicks’ The Climb and Fall of the House of Plantagenet, and read about the House of Plantagenet’s rise to prominence and their downfall.

The Religious Heritage of Leicestershire

The center of the city is located where the ancient Roman temple to St. Martin of Tours formerly stood, and the church was constructed on that same site beginning in the 13th century and receiving its current title of “Cathedral” in 1927 when the Diocese of Leicester was re-established. Including the Chancel and Sanctuary, the Cathedral Gardens must be explored. There is also a unique story behind the Egg Roll Dispenser, the Soda Fountain, and the Spinach Corkscrew.

Enjoy Your Time in the Old Style Theater

The 600-year-old timber-framed hall in Leicester is very fortunate because of its excellent preservation. The edifice, which was constructed in 1390, is currently open to the public as a museum where exhibits reflect the structure’s lengthy history. Visitors to Medieval Leicester can go around the city by any means, including artifacts, events, and digital technology. As a benefit, the guildhall now frequently functions as a live music venue, bringing acts from around the country. It is highly recommended that you see one of their regularly scheduled events if you enjoy comedy, music, or theatre.

Visit to National Space Centre

Enjoy the National Space Centre, situated on Exploration Drive in Leicester, where you’ll find NFL players and celebrities, as well as a bunch of other stars. Enjoy galleries such as the legendary Rocket Tower, which have rockets, space suits, meteorites, and satellites, all in one venue. Uncover the exciting history of space exploration, and the epic heights of future space travel, while getting an up-close and personal look at all of the places in our solar system as well as other celestial bodies in the cosmos.

Discover the Beauty of Golden Mile

Due to the high concentration of authentic Indian restaurants and markets on Belgrave Road, the road is best known as that of the ‘Golden Mile, a veritable Aladdin’s cave of spices, clothing, and fascinating gifts. Along with having the largest concentration of Indian jewelry shops outside of India, Belgrave Road is said to have the highest concentration of Indian restaurants and markets outside of India. Visit Chaat House, Sweetmart, and Lassi Bar Lovers if traditional cuisine has been on the priority list.

Be a Part of the Great Gin Experience

This 45-year-old family-run distillery sits nestled in the Charnwood Forest, just outside the town of Nanpantan in Leicestershire. You can obtain a unique glimpse into the realm of the master distiller by participating in the 45 Gin School Experience, a tour of the working distiller. Start distilling your own personal blend by first choosing and weighing your own botanicals and then distilling your spirit. You’ll finish up with a true distillate that’s the sum of all the other botanicals.

Visit the Biggest Cheese Fair

At the annual Artisan Cheese Fair in Leicestershire, nearly 8000 cheese aficionados attended, with much more than 50 cheese manufacturers in attendance. In addition, a daily schedule of presentations, demonstrations, and tastings is offered for visitors, who could also learn about cheese. Although you’ll be able to sample Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, there are lots of other local products to savor, including champagne, wine, pies, cakes, cider, and Melton Mowbray Pork Pies.

Enjoy the Pork Pies

When in Leicester, you should not forget to see the iconic British movie. The town is world-famous for its famous pork pie and Stilton cheese. It is highly recommended that you plan a trip to the Melton Mowbray Food Festival during the month of October, whereby exhibitors presenting more than 150 different types of products will be present. In addition to browsing a selection of steamed puddings, British gourmet games, artisan cheeses, chocolate kebabs, and locally-brewed ales, visitors may also experience a variety of imported cheeses, custards, local bangers, tapioca puddings, and many more.

Have Fun at Bradgate Park

One of the 830 acres of green parkland in the heart of the city is surrounded by a deer park that was built roughly 800 years ago. Meet rustic rocky outcrops, 500-year-old gnarled oak trees, and the Site of Special Scientific Interest Swithland Wood. Every month, there are various activities offered at Bradgate Park, such as tours of the park’s geological history and also the topic of tree logging.

Final Words

So these were the top nine reasons that you must visit Leicestershire at least once. So plan your trip and visit the amazing nation.

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