Why More US States are Increasing Art Budgets in Schools

Why More US States are Increasing Art Budgets in Schools

For as long as there have been arts in school, there have been people trying to cut the budgets for these arts. If you went to school in the 90s or early 2000s, then you will be more than aware of the constant battle that schools had with trying to keep their valued art departments open.

In the past, classes like music and art were not valued as much as other classes. The government, and even parents, wanted the school budget to be directed to classes that were considered to be more valuable. Many states in the US complied with this disregard of the arts and so the budgets were re-targeted towards more academic lessons. This means that the arts and music programs that did exist lacked in any quality.

Not everyone is born academically minded and so this was extremely unfair on those that associated more with the arts. They were not given the chance to explore their passions enough, which meant that many of them followed career paths that they were not passionate about. However, in recent years there has been an increase in these budgets. Here is a look into why more US states are increasing art budgets in schools.

An Increase in Artistic Careers

Something that we will say is that in the past there were far fewer artistic job opportunities. Though this does not excuse the cut budgets, it does explain it slightly. However, in 2021, there are a lot of job opportunities for those who have creative passions.

If you are someone that loves art and design, you can pursue a career in interior or graphic design. If you love music, then you can become a musician or even a producer. There is so much opportunity for people to make careers out of the arts that it simply does not make sense to deprive students of an education.

With the progression of TV and video, more and more people are needed to become TV animators. You may have noticed that Anime is becoming much more popular, with shows like Deathnote and Haikyuu becoming beloved all over the world. Without the hard work of animators and music creators, there wouldn’t be the cult following of these animes that there is today. So the next time that you take a which haikyuu character are you quiz, think about the hard work that was put in by the creative team.

Arts Encourage Academic Success

There is no denying that school is difficult. Students spend all of their days completing an onslaught of difficult lessons and sometimes they need some form of relief. Being able to break their day up with the arts offers the relief that they need.

Taking part in activities such as painting and music has been proven to help you academically. Say you have a student that is very musically talented and can play many instruments. It takes a good memory to be able to master an instrument and the process of learning can actually drastically improve your overall memory, which can be helpful for other classes.

Different Needs

Another reason why states have been increasing their arts budget is to take into account students of different needs. There has been a drastic increase in the number of students diagnosed with Autism and other similar conditions. Studies show that artistic stimulation can improve the hardships that these students go through and improve their grades in other lessons. It is a great way for these students to destress in what can be an overwhelming environment and so these classes are needed more than ever.

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